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Guide reading:A lot of female friends are very anxious during pregnancy preparation. They wish they could have a baby next month. How can a woman usually have a baby quickly?
Female friends need to take care of their own health first when they are pregnant quickly. In addition, they need to check the ovulation period in time, choose the ovulation period to share the room, etc. in addition, let's find out more problems together



how do women want to get pregnant quickly?


1, calculate the ovulation date

. If they want to have their own baby quickly, it is very important to calculate their ovulation period. For women friends with regular menstruation, the first half of the next menstruation is the ovulation day, for women with irregular menstruation For sexual friends, you can use ovulation test paper, measure the basic body temperature, observe the leucorrhoea to judge, or directly go to the hospital for follicular monitoring. The gynecologist will tell you the most suitable time for rooming, to ensure that you can get pregnant quickly.


2. To relax the mood,

should not be too anxious for the couple friends who are not pregnant. They should not have psychological pressure because they are not pregnant. Instead, they should not regard sharing the room as a task, enjoy the happiness brought by sex, and relax in the process of sharing the room And having an orgasm makes it easier for a female friend to conceive. Female friends should have enough sleep, energy and physical strength. Only by living a regular life, sometimes, having fun and combining work with rest can they have a good body.


three, the same room time is accurate to


women's egg survival time after ovulation is about 12 hours to 24 hours, but some can survive for two days, sperm can survive for about three days in the womb, so it is the most appropriate to arrange the same room in the first three days and the next day of ovulation, we must pay attention not to be too frequent, so as to avoid sperm The quality and concentration of seeds affect conception.


four, if a female friend of

is in radiation, high temperature and other environments for a long time before pregnancy, it is not conducive to early pregnancy, so if a female friend wants to get pregnant quickly, she should choose to get pregnant in a safe environment.

husband and wife must be in a good and relaxed state of mind. During pregnancy, they can't watch horror movies. They should walk around in a beautiful natural environment. What's more, women with long-term oral contraceptives should stop taking the pill for at least two months before getting pregnant. They should keep a happy and optimistic mood, which can improve their immunity and resistance, At the same time, it can also promote the body bone and bone marrow hematopoietic function, and make the skin ruddy and glossy, and often participate in some sports and exercises, which can effectively enhance the physical strength and hematopoietic function.
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