What cosmetics should women keep away from during pregnancy

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Guide reading:When women are ready to have children, they will enter the pregnancy preparation period. There are many precautions during pregnancy preparation, including the inability to use some cosmetics. So, which cosmetics should be kept away during pregnancy prepa
If you want to conceive quickly, many women will choose to prepare for pregnancy when they plan to have children. But many people have made a lot of efforts not to conceive, or there are various problems in fetal health, because they do not use the right methods, such as using some cosmetics harmful to the body. In order to keep the baby healthy, please keep away from some cosmetics

which cosmetics should be kept away from

1, whitening cream

which cosmetics are useful for many women, because many girls have spots on their faces in life, which makes their face value drop several levels. Note that if you are preparing for pregnancy, do not use it, because this product contains mercury, and the better the effect of freckle removal, the higher the mercury content. If it is used for a long time, it will do serious harm to the human body's nerve, digestive capacity or urinary system.

therefore, the freckle cream is recommended not to be used by pregnant women. For the sake of health, it should be placed for a period of time first. If you want to remove the spots, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as lemon, etc., which is very good for freckle removal.

2. Lipstick

lipstick are cosmetics that many women have. Some people say that they don't need to make up when they go out, but lipstick must be applied, because with lipstick, the whole woman's complexion will be much better. So, even if many women don't like make-up, they will definitely wear lipstick.

but lipstick is composed of various pigments, oils, spices, waxes and other components, among which the oil is the most harmful to human body. Because the grease contains lanolin, this kind of thing will absorb heavy metals in the air, and even absorb Escherichia coli into the body of the fetus, which has a great impact on women themselves and the fetus.

therefore, women who are pregnant or have already been pregnant should not wear lipstick. At this special time, plain face is the most beautiful.

3, perfume

are also a kind of cosmetics. Many women will like to spray, because perfume can make them smell. But please pay attention to pregnant or pregnant people, please do not use perfume, because perfume contains many chemicals, the fetus is easy to be affected and cause various diseases.

so that women who are pregnant or pregnant are not using perfume. If you don't want a bad smell, remember to bathe in time and change clothes in time.

4, nail polish

nail polish also contain a lot of ingredients. Among them, there is a substance called titanate which has great harm to human body, for example, it may cause abortion or fetal malformation. Therefore, women in preparation for pregnancy and pregnancy and other special periods, it is best not to apply nail polish.

how to protect

1, reasonable nutrition

many women like to eat various supplements when preparing for pregnancy, for fear that their nutrition is not enough, when pregnant with a baby, it is not enough nutrition for the baby. But although there is no mistake in the idea of tonic, we should pay attention to reasonable nutrition, not to make up for special tonic. Otherwise, the body is prone to over nutrition, resulting in obesity, but too fat is not conducive to pregnancy.

therefore, women should pay attention to reasonable eating when preparing for pregnancy, and at the same time, the amount of meat and vegetables should be kept within a certain range.

2. Exercise

wants to have a baby early, we must insist on exercise, because women who don't like exercise tend to get fat, and their physique is relatively poor, which is not conducive to pregnancy. Even if the pregnancy is successful, the baby's health is also vulnerable, so women should keep exercising. Of course, if you don't have time to exercise, you can use your commute to take a walk, or do some housework properly, to exercise.
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