"Ovulation is wrong again"! Don't calculate the ovulation period foolishly. Three sig

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Guide reading:Pregnancy preparation is actually a matter of opportunity, but opportunities are often left to those who are ready. A lot of Baoma during pregnancy, according to

pregnancy preparation is actually a matter of opportunity, but the opportunity is often left to those who are ready. Many Baoma during pregnancy, according to the "first seven after eight" to calculate their own safe period and ovulation period. However, the premise of this calculation is to have accurate menstruation all the time, otherwise many situations are not allowed. How can

calculate their ovulation period? What symptom does oviposit period body can have? When is the ovulation period of

normally, a woman will ovulate once a month, and during ovulation, only one egg will be discharged. Tens of thousands of sperm, only one can stand out in the end. And women sometimes have left ovaries, sometimes right ovaries, so the chances of pregnancy are lower.

are selected in ovulation period because the egg can live in the fallopian tube for about one day, and it is easier to combine with sperm to form a fertilized egg, so the probability of pregnancy is very high in ovulation period. Ms. Shang, from the

communities, has been preparing for pregnancy recently, and has been looking at the day calculation on the mobile phone. Her menstrual period is generally not allowed, and the calculated results are naturally not accurate. But Ms. Shang doesn't care. She always remembers that "the first seven days and the second eight days" are the security period, and then excludes the days of a month day by day, and finally locks her goal on the 20th.

on the 20th, Ms. Shang had a close life with her husband as she wished. She thought that she should be in a good position, but she didn't expect that after a few days, she had some small changes in her body, and she just responded. It seems that this is the ovulation period? Then I complained to my husband, "ovulation is wrong again! Generally speaking,

are women with normal menstruation every month. The ovulation period starts from the first day of the next menstruation, and the last 14 to 16 days is the ovulation day. But most of Baoma's math is not good, and she is forgetful. Instead of foolishly calculating the ovulation period and believing in those cold data, it's better to carefully observe your own changes and believe in the answers your body tells you.


are the signs of ovulation. 1. The increase of

in leucorrhea can be obviously felt by women. At a certain stage, leucorrhea will increase. This is the signal of ovulation, so women who want to be pregnant should pay close attention to the situation of leucorrhea during this period. When the leucorrhoea is drawn for the longest time, it usually ovulates within 24 hours, and women who want to be pregnant are better to seize this opportunity. This condition of large increase in secretion usually lasts for about 3 days. So as soon as pregnant women feel this change, they need to hurry up.

2. The study of

showed that during ovulation, the body temperature of women would rise about 0.5 ℃. The body temperature of

in the first half of menstrual cycle is generally low, and it will rise after ovulation. Some women carelessly feel the change of body temperature and think that they have a cold and fever. My best friend is just like this. Her temperature rises a little bit during ovulation, and her resistance will weaken during ovulation. She thinks she has a fever and is going to the hospital to take medicine. As soon as she checks, she has no disease, but just happens to meet ovulation.

3. When

discharge the egg, it will break through the follicle on the surface, which will cause slight bleeding. But the amount of bleeding is not much, most women feel only blood. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, do not panic, 2 to 3 days will automatically stop.

also have many sensitive women, who will feel slight pain in the abdomen during ovulation. If you don't pay attention to women, you can pay attention next month. This is because when ovulating, the surface of the ovary breaks, which is convenient for the egg to be discharged. The process of breaking will be noticed by sensitive women. Some women in


may also feel a slight sense of falling down, but different physique may have different reactions during ovulation. Research shows that during ovulation, women's appetite is the lowest in the whole menstrual cycle. The reason is very simple, because they will focus on how to prepare for pregnancy or contraception, which time to eat? So Baoma are still calculating the ovulation period foolishly? Let's see if we have the above situation.
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