A lot of friends around me are pregnant quickly. They know that they all use the same method after a

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Guide reading:It's very gratifying that there are many pregnant people around recently. In fact, Chinese people are more conservative and shy, especially on the topic of "sex". Many people avoid it, so sometimes they talk about a topic

has been getting pregnant frequently recently, which is very gratifying. In fact, Chinese people are more conservative and shy, especially for the topic of "sex". Many people avoid it. So sometimes, when it comes to a topic, you may want to know the answer very much. But because of the reasons such as affection, you are not very brave to ask for the export, or to say the export. This is not the case. Recently, my friend's friend told me something I instantly feel how shy the Chinese are. The friends of

friends have been in the process of pregnancy preparation, but for her, pregnancy preparation means no contraception. This understanding is actually the understanding of many women, who think that no contraception can naturally pregnancy, in fact, this is a little bit unscientific.

first of all, couples who are ready to be pregnant should do some pre pregnancy related tests. On the one hand, they can understand their own physical conditions, and lay a foundation for superior sperm and eggs. If they are not fit for a short time, they can be adjusted in time. Secondly,

are very important for many couples with high working pressure. Women can calculate the ovulation period well, because the probability of pregnancy in ovulation period is greater than other time periods, especially for women with irregular menstruation or pregnancy pressure, they can get pregnant faster and improve the probability of pregnancy. Once again,

are ready to prepare for pregnancy. Apart from maintaining a good living condition, both men and women need to supplement folic acid. Once pregnant, folic acid has a great impact on the brain development of the early fetus.

surprised this friend. In order to be able to get pregnant quickly within the scheduled time, the sisters in the neighborhood always calculated their ovulation period. Because they were worried that the calculated ovulation period was not accurate, they would use the same method, that is, to measure the ovulation period. When the ovulation period is determined, the roommate will be arranged, so the probability of winning the prize is very high. What this friend didn't expect is that most of the people around are pregnant smoothly during the ovulation period, and she always thought that she could be pregnant without contraception. What are the methods to test the ovulation period of

? There are several methods to test ovulation. The most commonly used methods are: test paper and temperature. The test paper measures the ovulation period, mainly according to the instructions of the test paper. Usually, two horizontal bars represent ovulation. And the way of temperature test ovulation is that the temperature is relatively low during ovulation, especially when the temperature is at the lowest point on ovulation day. After ovulation, the temperature will slowly rise until the next menstruation. There is also B-ultrasonic monitoring method, cervical mucus method, of which B-ultrasonic monitoring method is the most accurate, but relatively troublesome. How does

improve the pregnancy rate during ovulation? During ovulation, there is a greater chance of pregnancy than in other time periods. However, it does not mean that ovulation will definitely result in pregnancy. Therefore, in order to further improve the probability of pregnancy, we can try the following two methods. One is to choose the best time period of ovulation in the same room. According to the data, the quality and quantity of sperm is the best state for men from 5:00 to 7:00 every afternoon. At this time, the pregnancy rate is higher; the other is that sperm and eggs need to be collected smoothly. After the same room, women are better to raise their hips and lie down quietly for a while, which is conducive to the meeting of sperm and eggs 。

also have long-term concerns about pregnant women. In fact, we must firmly believe that women belong to mammals and can be pregnant and have babies. In addition to special physical conditions, if there is no pregnancy in the same room during ovulation for a long time, it may be related to the following three reasons. ① the most important is the spiritual factor: the spiritual factor is the magic wand of many couples during pregnancy preparation. Many people can't get pregnant because of the spiritual factor, but they lose confidence in seeking medical advice and medicine. After they are relaxed, they get pregnant smoothly; ② the bad living habits, although they don't cause diseases, cause great obstacles to the collection of sperm and eggs; ③ the gynecological problems, some of the women's Gynecological problems may also affect the probability of pregnancy.


therefore, for many women who want to be pregnant, we should understand the process of pregnancy, adjust their living habits during pregnancy preparation, and at the same time, consult more experienced sisters. More importantly, mood, mood, mood, very important. Being in a tense state for a long time, worry, worry and other states will affect the early baby It's time.
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