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Guide reading:What are the helpful postures for pregnancy? There are side lying, female lower position, female upper position, backward type and so on in sexual life positions. Some sexual positions can increase the probability of pregnancy, while some will not help pr
The traditional posture of

is easier to conceive for men, women and men, because it can make sperm penetrate deeper and closer to the cervix. Try to open the womb to the sperm, and women can use pillows to raise their hips. Women are less likely to experience active and direct clitoral stimulation.

actions: put the women's front up, separate their legs, put them on your shoulders, or wrap them around the waist, or put a pillow under the women's waist, and then it's OK. It's a deep position that can be inserted.

2 retrogressive (back position)

male entering from the back can also make sperm deposit in the uterus and easy to conceive. This position is especially helpful for women with tilted uterus.

movements: the female side lies on her knees and chest, supported on the bed with knees, chest and elbows, the male kneels on her Yue, and then hands the female side's buttocks and then twitches. It can be used when sitting or standing.

3 lateral position

lateral position is another sexual intercourse position to increase the cervical opening to sperm. Some studies have shown that women's orgasms are important. Because female orgasm can cause uterine contraction, which helps sperm swim

to the depth of the uterus: usually the female side lies, while the male side inserts the female side by kneeling. The woman's side lying enables the thigh to be clamped, which can increase the man's pleasure; in addition, the woman's side lying slightly bends her legs, which can make the man insert deeper.

are helpful for women to control the process of sexual activity. Women on the decline of the uterus, vaginal opening widened, the penis is also easy to contact with the uterus, can bring strong stimulation to the woman. Because the man is in a passive position, his sexual excitement is relatively slow, which will help premature ejaculation patients master the process of ejaculation.

actions: Women's upper position is an active sexual position by women. The method is that the female opens her knees and sits on the male body, making the upper body stand up or lean forward and backward. The disadvantage of

is that there is a distance between the vagina and the opening of the vagina, so it is difficult for the clitoris to receive stimulation and reduce the enjoyment of female orgasm, but the advantage is that the penis can be deeply inserted, which is helpful for pregnancy, so for the newlyweds who want to have children earlier, it can be said that it is the fastest and ideal posture.

movements: the flexion position is to make the vagina and the bed of the female form a vertical angle, and make the vagina mouth open wide, while the male and female maintain an unparalleled position, and try to conduct sexual intercourse in a vertical way. At this time, women can hook their feet on the shoulders of men to facilitate sexual intercourse. Because the vagina is 90 degrees from the bed, the semen ejaculated by men is not easy to flow out of the vagina, so it is the best position for pregnancy.

6 lying on your back can help you take a back position when having sex with

. It can really ensure that your lover's semen is as close as possible to the holy land of creating new life - the uterus, because this is an angle that can be as deep as possible. But one thing you may not like is that if the man has finished ejaculating while the woman is still in the original position or kneeling position, the semen will fall directly along the original path. It's certainly not what you want to see. If you feel that he has ejaculated, don't hesitate to drive him away and lie down on his own! I believe that he will be willing to accept such an arrangement if he wants to be a father urgently.

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