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Guide reading:"Ah ah ah! "She won the prize again." Charlene yelled out angrily. She's pregnant again, but she's not happy at all. Obviously it's a safe period, but she's pregnant again, which makes her very tired. The reason is "

ah ah ah! "She won the prize again." Charlene yelled out angrily. She's pregnant again, but she's not happy at all. Obviously it's a safe period, but she's pregnant again, which makes her very tired. The reason is "again". Because that's how the first kid came.

Charlene got married early, but she didn't want to have children early. She thought the two people's world was very good, and children were a burden. But unexpectedly, she was pregnant in the "safe period", which made her feel at a loss and once wanted to kill the child. But Charlene husband said, this may be fate, and the first child is best born. When Charlene thought about it, she gave birth to Dabao.

didn't expect that Providence made people, and this time a similar situation happened. In the "safety period", she won the prize again. At first, Xialin just thought that her aunt was late. If she had any problems, she went to the hospital for a check-up and had a lot of children for no reason. But the doctor said firmly: you are pregnant!

Charlene asked thoughtlessly, "will you be pregnant in the safe period?" Whether

is the safety period or the danger period


, Xia Lin always mistook the danger period as the safety period, no wonder she made a hundred attempts.

first of all, we need to know what is the safe period and what is the dangerous period? For mothers who want to prepare for pregnancy, the risk period is the best time, because the risk period represents a high probability of pregnancy, while the safety period represents a difficult pregnancy, but everything is not absolute, only the probability. The first seven days after

are the safety periods. The so-called "first seven days after" refers to that the first seven days of menstruation and the eight days after aunt's departure are relatively safe. The relative safety mentioned here is due to the fact that some women's menstrual periods are not allowed and they tend to postpone them for several days. These women who are not allowed to have menstruation often have different periods of safety. The safe period of

is not absolutely safe. In the safe period, pregnant mothers who don't want their babies often take contraceptives for contraception. In fact, contraceptives are not safe either. According to the survey, the probability that contraceptives can really contraception is only 80%, not 100%. Birth control pills can also hurt the body. Mothers who do not want their babies should remember their own safety period, because they will not ovulate during the safety period.

risk period naturally refers to ovulation period. When the sperm and egg are successfully combined to form a fertilized egg, the implanted uterus will naturally become pregnant. How does oviposit period calculate?

in short, suppose that No. 1 is your menstruation, that is, you come to menstruation, until No. 6 is clean, this period is called menstruation. The end of the 8 days are safe dates, which means that the 14th is your safety period. From the 15th to the 24th, it's ovulation. But the real ovulation day is on the 20th. Ovulation period refers to the first 5 days and the last 4 days of ovulation day, including ovulation day, a total of 10 days is a dangerous period.

during this period of time, mothers who want to prepare for pregnancy should pay more attention to it. Generally, during ovulation, secretion will increase, because during ovulation, the cervical tube will secrete a lot of cervical mucus. During ovulation, the body temperature will also slightly increase by about 0.3 ℃. If

want to prepare for pregnancy, it is best to choose a period close to the ovulation day. Because sperm can live longer in the female body, but the time of the egg is shorter, so in the ovulation period, the survival rate of the egg will be higher, and the meeting and combination of sperm and egg are easier.

are 30 days a month, with 31 days more likely. The safe period includes about 20 days in total, and the ovulation period is about 10 days. From the day of menstruation, 8 days after the end of menstruation are safe periods, and 10 days after the safe period is ovulation period. If

wants a pregnant mother or a mother who does not plan to have a baby for the time being, it is necessary to remember these time points!
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