How long can women get pregnant again after spontaneous abortion

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Guide reading:How long can you get pregnant again after natural abortion? For women who have spontaneous abortion, because the endometrium is clean and does not need to be cleaned again, the uterus recovers quickly. If they want to get pregnant as soon as possible, the
How long can

be pregnant again after spontaneous abortion? For women who have spontaneous abortion, because the endometrium is clean and does not need to be cleaned again, the uterus recovers quickly. If they want to get pregnant as soon as possible, they will not be affected. How long after the spontaneous abortion of

can the pregnancy be prepared again?

the clinician suggested that the abortion should rest for two menstrual cycles or more than three months, in order to allow the uterus to have a longer time to repair, avoid the miscarriage again, reduce the occurrence of pregnancy complications, and reduce the incidence of newborn.

but after the spontaneous abortion, the endometrium peels off cleanly, without the need for the operation of clearing the uterus, it will not cause uterine damage, the uterus will recover quickly, and it does not need to wait for several months to get pregnant. Moreover, rapid pregnancy after natural abortion is beneficial to women's mental health and can enhance their confidence in pregnancy. Therefore, if a woman wants to get pregnant quickly after a natural abortion, she does not need to wait, and the immediate pregnancy will not be affected.

precautions after spontaneous abortion

I. reasonable rest is very important. After abortion, women with

will have more bleeding than normal menstrual volume. If they don't pay attention to the rest of the body, they will be overworked for a long time, which will make the uterus unable to bear and lead to the possibility of prolonged vaginal bleeding. Therefore, in addition to avoiding high strength Apart from work and sports, it is suggested that you have a good rest for two weeks.

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene

. Generally, the bleeding of vagina will last for 1-2 weeks after abortion. Therefore, pay special attention to the cleaning of the vagina. Besides daily cleaning, toilet paper and underpants should also be washed frequently to avoid infection.

three, nutrition supplement

after abortion, because they eat more protein and vitamin rich food, less greasy, raw, cold and stimulating food. When

are collocated with food, they should not only ensure the overall nutrition, but also avoid the excessive calories. In general, they do not need more supplies during the rest period, as long as the diet is collocated reasonably to ensure adequate nutrition. How to prepare


spontaneous abortion? 1. First of all, we should know the causes of spontaneous abortion. There are still many causes, such as chromosomal abnormalities, maternal endocrine disorders, maternal reproductive tract abnormalities, reproductive tract infection, poor lifestyle and so on. Therefore, after determining the cause of the abortion, treat it well to ensure that the body is in good condition during the second pregnancy.

2. Diet of

and partial diet must not be allowed, neither can the tonic and special tonic. It is suggested that the diet should be healthy and nutritious. Fresh fruits and vegetables are indispensable.

3. The rule of life

stay up late or not. It is also very important to form a good habit of early to bed and early to rise, and regular work and rest during pregnancy preparation.

4. Moderate exercise

can't do without exercise. It's a good choice to form exercise habits at ordinary times, such as swimming, jogging, rope skipping and walking.

5. Refusing to smoke or drink


alcohol or tobacco is harmful to sperm and eggs, and also has a great impact on good pregnancy. Therefore, we must quit smoking and alcohol during pregnancy preparation, and keep away from the harm of second-hand smoke.

6. There was spontaneous abortion before

. Many people would worry that it would still be the same after pregnancy again. It is also necessary to listen to the effect of biased prescription. For other drugs, you should also avoid taking them. If you have to take them, you should also follow the doctor's advice.

7. The most important thing is to have a good mentality. Too nervous, anxiety, for good pregnancy does not help, on the contrary, there will be adverse effects. Keep in a good mood all the time! (reference website: Tencent)

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