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Guide reading:"Looking forward to the baby, where is the baby now?" In order to conceive a baby, parents are not allowed to show their own abilities and use their own methods. Recently, there is a saying on the Internet: "in autumn, the sperm quality of male compatr

"Looking forward to the baby, where is the baby now?" In order to conceive a baby, parents are not allowed to show their own abilities and use their own methods.

Recently, there is a saying on the Internet: "in autumn, the sperm quality of male compatriots is better, which is most suitable for female compatriots to conceive.

Male compatriots should hurry up to create human beings.

" This makes a lot of parents excited, but is it true? I.

The sperm quality of male compatriots in autumn is higher.

Is this true? According to a foreign study, the sperm activity in autumn is the strongest, the sperm quantity in winter and spring is the most, but the tail is prone to defects, and the proportion of immature sperm in summer is the highest.

Therefore, it is not easy to conceive in the spring when everything recovers, because the sperm with tail defect has poor mobility and it is difficult to contact the egg to fertilize it.

Why is autumn the best time to conceive? First of all, although human beings have no such obvious estrous period as animals, according to the relevant data, in the season with suitable temperature and comfortable climate, all kinds of physiological activities in the body are active, the secretion of sexual hormones is increased, the sexual desire is also strong, and the female side is more likely to be pregnant.

It is recorded that the average temperature is between 13.

6 ℃ and 23 ℃, which is the best climate for pregnancy.

This is the superior conditions created by the natural conditions in spring and autumn for pregnant women.

Secondly, autumn is more conducive to the development of the fetus, because the first three months after pregnancy is the period when the brain tissue of the fetus begins to form and differentiate.

In August and September, the autumn is clear and fresh.

The pregnant women no longer suffer the influence of hot summer and high temperature.

They have enough sleep at night, which ensures the vigorous metabolism of physiology.

In addition, they meet the harvest season of vegetables and fruits.

Nutrition and vitamins are both available and can be used.

Full absorption is beneficial to the development of fetal brain.

Third, pregnant in autumn.

It's just the end of spring and the beginning of childbirth.

The climate is mild, fresh vegetables are on the market, and the supply of non-staple food is rich, which ensures the nutrition supply of pregnant women.

It's sunny, air is fresh, clothes are becoming thinner and thinner, and it's not easy for babies to get cold to wipe their bodies and take a bath.

After the full moon, they can be carried out to the outdoor sun.

When they are weaned at the age of one, they are in the period of warm spring and blooming flowers.

Fresh vegetables and sufficient supply of meat and eggs are conducive to the development of infants and young children, so autumn pregnancy is conducive to eugenics and eugenics.

Finally, the incidence of rubella, influenza, meningitis and other epidemic virus infection in this period is relatively low, because in the first three months after pregnancy, that is, the embryogenesis period, if attacked by these viruses, it will damage the developing organs of the baby, which may cause mental disorders, developmental deformities and so on.

Second, it's time to prepare for pregnancy in autumn.

My father will do this in the future.

Autumn is the best time to prepare for pregnancy.

I don't know what dads are waiting for.

My baby is waving to you in the near future.

Hurry up! Wait a minute.

It's not the right time to have a healthy baby.

The ancients paid attention to the time, the place, and the people.

Prepare for pregnancy.

Fathers are not allowed to start from themselves! The climate in autumn is suitable for pregnancy preparation.

For the male compatriots, it is very important to train dynamic and quality sperm.

Exercise can not only maintain a healthy body, but also an effective way to reduce pressure, and it is also a prerequisite for a healthy baby.

There are autumn sports in autumn, so what are the best sports for men's pregnancy in autumn? 1.

Climbing refers to mountain climbing.

Those who climb high can increase lung ventilation and vital capacity.

With the rise of mountaineering height, more and more hydrogen ions and negative oxygen ions called "air vitamins" are in the atmosphere.

In addition, the decrease of air pressure can promote a series of changes in human physiological functions. 2. Jogging jogging is an ideal autumn sports project, which can enhance blood circulation and improve heart function.

improve blood supply of brain and oxygen supply of brain cells, alleviate cerebral arteriosclerosis and make brain work normally.

Running can also effectively stimulate metabolism and increase energy consumption.

Compared with female compatriots, male compatriots have a stronger sense of strength and speed, and more suitable sports for pregnancy preparation in autumn.

Such as running, basketball, swimming gymnastics, Taijiquan.

These exercises are good for exercising the muscles, arms, waist and back of the male compatriots, improving the "sexual interest" of the male compatriots, helping to produce healthy and dynamic sperm groups, and creating important conditions for good pregnancy. 3. Diet: autumn is the season of harvest and more nutrition is added back to the top.

Diet: autumn is the season of harvest and more nutrition is added.

The best time to prepare for pregnancy in autumn is for parents to take action.

Pregnancy preparation is the responsibility of both men and women, and male compatriots also need to prepare for pregnancy, so what do male compatriots do during the best time of pregnancy preparation in autumn? 1.

Protein is the main protein.

Protein is the basic nutrition of human body and the important raw material for sperm production.

It's just like the reinforced concrete of a high building.

Without it, the metabolism and physiological function of the human body will be affected, even impossible to talk about.

The diet of pregnant male compatriots should be mainly high protein.

They should eat milk, poultry, eggs, soybeans, beef, fish and other foods rich in high quality protein. 2. Zinc and selenium are the core.

The zinc and selenium in the male compatriots are mainly concentrated in the reproductive system, so they are called the flower of life and the gold in the body of men.

Zinc and selenium are the most important components of sperm metabolism and immune function of male reproductive system.

Once they are absent, they will not only cause sperm abnormalities such as oligospermia and asthenospermia, but also lead to low immunity and repeated infection by inflammation such as prostatitis, and then induce sperm deformity and non liquefaction. 3. Fruits and vegetables are indispensable.

Male compatriots tend to be dismissive of fruits and vegetables, thinking that it is a diet for girls.

However, we don't know that a lot of vitamins in fruits and vegetables are necessary for male reproductive physiological activities.

Some foods with high vitamins are very helpful to improve the quality of sperm survival.

Recommended recipe for pregnant men in autumn recipe 1: Duck water soup raw material: Duck water, ginger, salt, wine method: 1) wash duck water, scald it in hot water, wash it with water, slice it.

2) boil it in two bowls of boiling water, add duck water, ginger and seasoning, just a little.

Recipe 2: Braised tendon with Scallion raw materials: scallion, tendon, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine.

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