What sperm do pregnant men eat?

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Guide reading:In fact, to conceive a baby normally during pregnancy, not only the healthy body of women and the quality of eggs, but also certain requirements for men. Men need to ensure the quality of sperm. At this time, they need to eat some food that is conducive t

In fact, it is not only the healthy body of women and the quality of eggs, but also certain requirements for men to conceive a baby normally during pregnancy.

Men need to ensure the quality of sperm.

At this time, they need to eat some food that is conducive to the quality of sperm to improve the quality of sperm, so what kind of sperm is better for pregnant men to eat.


In fact, it is very important for pregnant men to have healthy and high-quality sperm and eggs if they want to have a baby smoothly.

It is very important for women to be more attentive to them, or through diet therapy.

In the same way, pregnant men have better sperm.

Let's take a look at the men's refined food introduced by experts of pregnancy website. 1. Eggs: eggs are the best supplement for sperm.

They are rich in protein, fat and vitamins, and also contain zinc.

Zinc is an important part of sperm cells.

Eating foods rich in high-quality protein is conducive to sperm production. 2. Nut: the nut can store the secretion of male sex hormone and make it regular.

In particular, walnuts and jujubes, in addition to promoting the secretion of sex hormones, also have good functions of kidney, blood, stomach and lung. 3. Leek: leek is also called qiyangcao, lazy vegetable, Changsheng leek, flat vegetable, etc.

Chinese chive has the name of "qiyangcao" in Pharmacopoeia because it can warm the liver and kidney, help Yang and strengthen essence.

Leek seed is an irritant, which can strengthen essence, help Yang, tonify kidney, cure belt, warm waist and knee, etc.

it is suitable for diseases such as enuresis and polyuria. 4. Animal viscera: animal viscera contain more cholesterol, adrenaline and sex hormone, which can promote the division and maturation of spermatogonia.

Appropriate consumption of animal viscera is conducive to the improvement of androgen level, semen volume and sexual function. 5. Oyster: a kind of seafood, containing zinc, which helps to synthesize male hormones.

Other benefits such as lobster, sea urchin, sea cucumber, fish eggs, shrimp eggs, shellfish, seaweed and so on are also good.


What kind of food affects the quality of sperm.

During pregnancy, it is not only necessary to know what kind of sperm the pregnant men eat, but also necessary to know what kind of food will affect the quality of sperm. 1. Nitrite will be produced in the process of curing and processing of meat products and dairy meat products with high fat content.

Nitrite is an important factor that leads to fatigue and cancer.

The hygienic status of meat products during processing is also worrying.

A large amount of processed meat and dairy products with high fat content will make harmful substances gather in the body and affect the quality and quantity of sperm. 2. Eating more mustard can affect the secretion of sex hormones.

Mustard can benefit water and phlegm, detoxify and dispel wind, and has the effect of swelling and sobering up.

However, regular or excessive consumption of mustard can inhibit the secretion of sex hormones and may affect fertility. 3. Barbecue fried food will affect the production of sperm.

Barbecue fried food contains carcinogen acrylamide, which will affect the production of sperm in testis and lead to oligospermia and asthenospermia in men.

The heavy metal cadmium in fried food will produce toxicity to sperm directly, affect the quality of embryo, and even lead to abnormal embryo.

is the best way for pregnant men to eat sperm.

The above is the related introduction, hoping to help couples who want to be pregnant.

Finally, I need to remind you that pregnancy is a matter for both husband and wife, not just for women.

It's better to prepare for pregnancy in the first three months.

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