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Guide reading:Orgasm spray involves a study by French maternity and obstetrics expert Samuel Salama (Samuel Salama) in 2014. It is estimated that only obstetricians and gynaecologists in the world are interested in tides. By the way, it was also the obstetrician and gy

climax water spray involved a 2014 study by Samuel Salama, a French expert in obstetrics and gynecology. It is estimated that only obstetricians and gynaecologists in the world are interested in orgasmic water spray. By the way, it was also the obstetrician and gynecologist who discovered the skeleton gland.

returned to Lao SA. What did he do?

in order to prove the relationship between orgasmic water spray and urine, he found seven girls, all of whom claimed to be able to orgasmic water spray, and the amount of tide was enough for the experiment. Before the experiment, Lao SA collected their urine samples first, then through masturbation or sexual partner assistance, let them reach orgasm and cause orgasm to spray water, and then collected samples of tidal powder to compare their relationship. The results showed that the control results of the two samples of the two girls were similar, that is, the liquid sprayed by the high tide water was urine, and the control results of the two samples of the other five girls were slightly abnormal. The abnormal point is that there is a small amount of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in the liquid of high tide spray, which mainly exists in Kane gland. In other words, in addition to urine, five other girls also added some "small ingredients".

need a cup of liquid to meet the experimental requirements. So far, we probably think that only one organ can store such a large amount of liquid in the female pelvic cavity to achieve the spray effect - bladder. Stored in the bladder, the fluid discharged from the urethra can only be called urine. At this time, Lao SA was not willing to be lonely. In the experiment, another step was added - let the girls clear their urine before the experiment and confirm it with B-ultrasound. At the end of the experiment, he found that when a girl reached orgasm, her bladder would fill up again. After the tide, B ultrasound showed that the bladder was empty again. The second experiment of

proved once again that the liquid was in the bladder and blew out along the tide. As for a small amount of PSA, it may be due to the contraction of pelvic floor muscles during orgasm. These secretions are squeezed into the bladder and mixed into the urine. This seems to explain why there are five girls in the PSA sample. Of course, the specific situation varies from person to person and is affected by the size and development of glands.

at this point, we finally understand that the so-called high tide spray wet bed sheets, in fact, is the high tide of fecal incontinence. Under the strong stimulation, the urethra will indeed be paralyzed and relaxed. This is what we see in the film and TV works (assuming you have seen it), but you don't know the pain behind the scenes. To ensure a good visual effect, the actresses had to pour a lot of water. Of course, this is also the embodiment of their professionalism. Even so, when I saw the title of the film, I still felt bloated, and the film took more than ten fads as gimmicks. Therefore, the central idea of this article is to remind you: do not blindly pursue and imitate this matter. If you really want to imitate, you should also pay attention to water. Otherwise, spraying like this is easy to dehydrate...

now, I don't know what to say.

but it doesn't matter.

OK, can someone ask how the tide came?

is a good question, but Wang would not have talked about it. Who? Who pulled me back? Well, I'll remind you one or two - the clitoris and the G-spot. I can only call here. The rest is for you to explore... I don't think so, because I haven't said the key is to wet the bed. In addition to stimulating clitoris and G-spot, the most important thing is to keep urine!

well, I think you all understand.

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