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Guide reading:In the feudal closed era, most people talk about the first love between men and women, but now when it comes to my first time, it's basically sex. This is not only an expression of an open mind, but also proves that people are not so taboo about sex

in the feudal closed era, most people talk about the first love between men and women, but now when it comes to my first time, it's basically sex. This is not only an expression of an open mind, but also proves that people are not so taboo about sex life and regard sex as a necessity of daily life. When it comes to my first time, I'm afraid people I've experienced are not very happy, because when I make love for the first time, men are very quick, women are very painful. If I'm happy for the first time, it's basically bragging about X. How to ensure the first smooth, safe and harmonious? Please pay attention to the following points.

in most cases, if a man falls in love with a woman, the urge to have sex with her becomes very strong after several dates. For women, the heart is more complicated. Many people will have a kind of inexplicable sexual fear, in the face of men's sexual impulse, into the vortex of conflict. Some men think this is the reason why women are shy. As long as they boldly own and break the first psychological barrier, they will be better in the future. In fact, this is a kind of ignorance and rudeness to women's psychology. Behind this understanding, there are always seeds of future conflicts, which are the root of tragedy.

are the secret psychological factors that lead to women's fear of premarital sex. Girls enter sexual puberty at the age of 13-14, become aware of sex in their 20s, and then get married, which takes 10 years. In the past 10 years, the deeply rooted concept of chastity in women's mind cannot be achieved overnight.

although some women at that time may have had the impetus to break through the shackles of traditional concepts, the hidden concept of chastity will suddenly become fresh, making her feel afraid and uneasy, showing strong psychological dependence, so as not to alienate her.

when men are a little negligent or enthusiastic, women will feel anxiety and depression. This psychological change, first love men in the taste of "forbidden fruit", often do not know, do not know how to mediate.

for men, the desire to have sex for the first time is usually strong and overwhelming. In most cases, the male orgasm is over, the female sexual desire is not stimulated, and the rupture of the hymen will make the female feel some pain, thus increasing the tension. Especially for the first sexual behavior before marriage, because of the limitation and interference of objective conditions, women are more difficult to feel happy. As a result, having sex for the first time may bring men impulsive and possessive satisfaction, which may not be happy for women. Some women in

are even afraid of sex, but they can't explain the reasons, so both sides have doubts and anxieties. Therefore, premarital sex not only does not deepen the relationship between husband and wife, but also increases many psychological barriers, which makes both parties confused. Therefore, young men and women in love, in order to protect their love, as well as for the happiness of future marriage, should not be ignorant and rash to taste "forbidden fruit". First love tips

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene

which is an important condition for a good sex life. Be sure to brush your teeth, wash your face and feet before having sex, and take a hot bath if possible. After the bath, you can sprinkle some perfume, mainly on the forehead, neck, chest and armpit. Don't spray on the vagina to avoid inflammation of the genitals.

2. Protect your genitals

men and women should keep their genitals clean. This is due to the accumulation of secretions between the clitoris and labia of the female vulva, as well as under the head and prepuce of the male vulva. Regular use of warm water cleaning, can prevent male dermatitis, glans inflammation; women can prevent genital inflammation and urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis and so on.

3. During menstruation,

are forbidden to have sex because of the shedding of menstrual endometrium, fresh wounds in the uterine cavity, and sexual transactions cause reproductive tract infection and inflammation. After marriage, if menstruation comes, sexual intercourse should also be prohibited; or marriage should be postponed, menstruation wedding should be staggered to prevent endometritis, appendicitis and pelvic inflammation.

4. Don't make love frequently

the newly married honeymoon has strong sexual desire and urgent sexual intercourse. Pay attention to abstinence. If you feel uncomfortable, weak, tired, unwell, backache, drowsy, dizzy and inappetence after having sex, it will affect your work and study the next day. It means you have too much sex and you have to control it.

5. Husband and wife should respect each other and take good care of

. Especially when your body and mind are not in time, do not force sexual intercourse, so as not to affect your lover's physical and mental health.

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