Seductive flirting skills of two sex couples playing suffocation

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Guide reading:Many people don't want to talk about sex, but they can't do without it. Some tips have a multiplier effect on improving the quality of sexual activity. If we can't find a way to warm their love, it will lead to more irreconcilable contradic

many people don't want to talk about sex, but they can't do without it. Some tips have a multiplier effect on improving the quality of sexual activity.

if we can't find a way to warm their love, it will lead to more irreconcilable contradictions and even break up.

are not perfect sexual life without strong feelings, so how to find the lost passion? Take a look at the flirting techniques offered by sex experts.

1. Delay meeting

. They have passionate sex first, but as long as you feel that you are about to reach an orgasm, stop and calm down, and then start looking for the orgasm again and again, so repeat for at least one hour, and then let the orgasm accumulate to the end of the row!

2. Strange sex

one of the partners went to the bar alone, pretended to know each other, chatted, as if to uncover a beautiful first acquaintance. You can try which prologues help lure him or her, which are not attractive enough, and then enjoy unexpected feedback from your partner.

3. Gender exchange

simply said that if a man pretends to be a woman, a woman pretends to be a man, you can play her / him as you like. When you are fed up with it, you can change the role play.

4. Variety time

they both look for a piece of small paper, write down your secretly yearning or curious sex, and then put them in a hat or bowl. Next, take out a random piece of paper to discuss the above topics. If both sides agree, try this method. It's a good way to share each other's desires.

5. Break the record

. When two people have sex, count the time to see how long you can lie in bed. Don't lose to a rabbit with a powerful battery!

6. Pen pal romance

you two pretend to be strangers to each other, then use wild and emotional email to contact each other, and use this erotic and romantic vent to seduce people you know for a long time.

7. Passion photography

one of you is a photographer, the other is a model. The latter must let nature take its course, then make each other's designated flirting posture, so that you can easily show your sexy charm under the spotlight. You can only shoot with a camera, but it's better to use a D8 or V8. If you take turns, you can catch each other better.

8. Pornographic

bravely open your camera, record your love process, secretly play an AV man or woman! All the movements of the body and the pictures of enjoying happiness. We can take a good look at

and record many beautiful memories. But please be careful not to lose or steal the video! Otherwise, the next leading actor and heroine you see on pornographic websites,

are likely to be you. If you are really afraid of such a mistake, wash it out after you see it! _______

9. Go with the wind

each other's laws for a period of time, in this period of time as long as the other party "blows" anything, you have to do. It's a kind of curiosity that comes from the expectation and fear of harm.

10. Striptease performance

dim the lights at home, put on your sexiest suit in the haze, play charming palpitation music, and launch a primitive private striptease show for your partner.

11. Blindfold test

cover each other's eyes with towel or handkerchief. Give him different kinds of food, one mouthful at a time, to see if he or she knows what he or she is eating.

this is Mitch, the leading actor and heroine of the movie "love you nine and a half weeks". Locke and Kim. Basinger is known for playing this "delicious guess" flirt game.

12. Touch and guess

or cover your partner's eyes, then touch your partner's sensitive naked body with any size you can find at home, and see how many pieces he can guess.

are difficult to acquire sexual skills through teachers and parents. Many times, a little skill can improve sexual harmony to a great extent.

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