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Guide reading:Human beings cannot do without sex. How to improve the quality of sexual activities is a skill that everyone should master.

human beings cannot do without sex. How to improve the quality of sexual activities is a skill that everyone should master.

1. Put forward the targeted questions

don't be superficial, thorough and explore others' privacy. For example, "where did you grow up?" Or "do you like horror movies?" Problems like this are relaxing and appropriate. They show that you are willing to know each other.

please don't ask the heavy question of "a topic is too big", such as "what is your goal in life?" You can tell him you met him at that boring meeting and you can mention her again last week.

you can tell him that you like his new hairstyle, or you can tell her how relaxed you are when you hear her laugh for the first time. Four eye communication

stare at each other's eyes for more than one second, but do not stare at each other. Then look away and give the person time to know that you are looking at him or her (not anyone around you).

and then look at each other, this time with a smile. There may be several ways to the women's dressing room. You can choose one you can give up halfway. Walk in front of him and let him appreciate your beautiful image. If the road is crowded, you can pretend to pass by him by accident. Don't get noticed. Walk by with a smile.

3. Gently touch the other party's

in the conversation, carelessly (Note: carelessness, this is the most important) put your hand on his arm, the best time is after the other party has said a very clever or particularly interesting sentence. You know what touch means; you are emotional, but be careful not to overdo it.

4. Help each other

. If she mentioned that her car was parked eight blocks away, and she left late that night, you can offer to accompany her to pick up the car. If he has several bags in his hand, you can help him with a food bag. If she mentions that she is going to paint her room, you can suggest where she can buy cheap paint (or suggest that you bring a brush to give her strength). You need to show that you are willing to help each other and make his or her life easier. Through this, deepen your connection and enhance understanding.

5. Look directly at each other

. If you sit side by side, don't let him see your shoulder. Speaking in front of him will make the other side feel respected.

6. Close up

you don't have to breathe on his knots, but not three feet away. Take a step forward and let him get rid of you. Don't flinch. Of course, these are just suggestions.

in a specific environment, in a specific person, some special experiences, sometimes not applicable. Find the easiest and most successful way to develop your unique style. Once the style is formed, don't be conservative, don't hide it, and spread your charm everywhere.

7. Long term flirting

if you are a little timid and can't maintain self-confidence in social occasions, long-term flirting is more suitable for you, that is to say, for a "romantic stranger". A sigh came from the distance of

. Sometimes you come across this "long-term" flirtation. The basic formula is someone yelling at you, "Oh, the most beautiful woman of all ages." This person is far away from you, so you don't feel offended. It's just interesting. The truck driver is very satisfied with this practice.

and "long-term" flirting are very common, because it does not need much courage, and the risk coefficient is very small. Don't be rude when flirting. Your goal is to make people open their mouths and smile, not to scare their hearts, and not to think that it's men's exclusive. Women now take lightning action more often than before.

8. Advanced flirting

if you are not satisfied with "long-term" flirting and want to have long-term communication, you can consider the following flirting skills: the role of praise: praise should point to the other party, not just an object. If you say, "I like your tie." The man will be confused whether you like neckties or his people, so you should say: "you are smart with that necktie, it makes your eyes look very clear."


nodded from time to time and said, "when the other party has finished, you can think about it again, and then answer quickly." Because, you may notice, in a one-on-one situation, the more you want to say, the more flustered and tongue tied. If there is such a cold field in the conversation, try to lead the topic to the content you have already talked about, instead of rushing to start a new topic. It shows that you are very attentive and interested in the conversation just now. In order to keep the conversation going, you don't have to scratch your stomach and look for wonderful topics to promote the conversation. Is

a long learning? Xiaobian is also shocked. To maintain a harmonious and good sexual relationship, both husband and wife should work hard.

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