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Guide reading:Many people don't want to talk about sex, but they can't do without it. Some techniques in sexual life can make sexual harmony more perfect.

many people don't want to talk about sex, but they can't do without it. Some techniques in sexual life can make sexual harmony more perfect.

both men and women like caressing techniques:

(1) back style. Don't let your woman lie on anything, such as the bedside, dressing table, etc., in an open space, such as the middle of the living room, the middle of the bedroom.

no matter what, there is nothing to catch. Let the woman stand there, bend down, and then you stick in from behind and grab her crotch with both hands. Then you can pump it back and forth. How to extract, please see article 5, in short, depth and importance.

must not be monotonous, shallow, light, or re inserted. Because on the one hand, it's too stimulating, I might shoot out quickly, on the other hand, I always have a strong stimulation.

women have been numb in vagina for a long time. It's so satisfying to watch a woman roar like a prey under her crotch. If it's fast, a woman can't stand up in 30 seconds.

(2) try anal sex. It should be noted that there must be enough lubrication. Otherwise you'll all be in pain. Insertion is not suitable for violent pumping. It can be slowly inserted to the end and slowly pulled out. When you enter a woman's anus, there is a sense of possession of the woman below you, and of virginity.

(3) make good use of fingers. It doesn't matter that some people like the middle finger and some like the ring finger. Before inserting a finger into a woman's vagina, you must make sure that her lower half is completely wet.

your mouth can't be idle. You need to kiss, you need to say sweet words. You are busy anyway. You can't rest your fingers under, touch your vulva, and then insert a finger. Take your time.

fingers should move inward and continue to move, but gently. When her obscene water doesn't flow out, you can put some obscene water on her anus and insert it with your little thumb. Your brain is also very excited when your two fingers are caught in a film.

(4) are used alternately. In short. These methods can be applied to women at the same time, or in part. It depends on what kind of woman you are suitable for.

5) suck her nipple. Put it in your mouth and lick the tip of your nipple with your tongue. Depending on how excited she is, you can nibble at your nipple with your teeth. If she wakes up, don't bite, don't bite all the time, bite and lick together.

(6) licked her clitoris. The clitoris is located at the top of the acupoints, usually around the top of the labia major. You can gently open it with your hand and lick it from the bottom up. Don't brush the clitoris with the tip of your tongue as if you didn't care.

(7) beat the female vagina with the penis. Press your woman under you and the penis will stick to her vagina. Then you will focus on your chest and lips.

don't go in. You can kiss, massage your breasts, kiss your lips, of course, kiss your breasts, but kissing a woman is not easy. On the other hand,

when you twist your waist, press your pubic bone on the woman's pubic bone, maintain this position, and let the penis rub the woman's vulva. When she moans, you use the action of sexual feeling - constantly roll the waist, let the penis constantly hit the woman's vagina. Be careful not to force all the time, but to combine weight with weight...

(8) breasts are lovely. Putting two breasts of a woman in the middle and two nipples in the mouth at the same time will give your woman a strange pleasure.

(9) painting skills. After inserting the penis, it should be inserted shallowly. First of all, when talking to a woman, make ten shallow insertions to distract her when she's not paying attention.

suddenly dive to the bottom of the sea, then dive a few shallow ones, then dive a few deep ones, but she did not notice...

(10) is the deepest. Some say it's backup, but I don't think so. The deepest position is: the woman lies down, you carry the woman's leg on the shoulder, sit under her leg, scissors, insert the penis, so that the two people's vagina is the closest combination, and you can also use this strength, how much strength.

in real life, men are often more eager to sprint, while women are more concerned about the process of sprint, so skills are particularly important. As the initiative, men should not only focus on the process and results, but also control the overall situation and care about quality.

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