What kind of caress skill can make him reach climax quickly

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Guide reading:Human beings cannot do without sex. Mastering some sexual skills is very important to improve the relationship between husband and wife. In the process of sexual life, men and women are equal. Women not only need and even desire to caress, men also want t

human beings cannot do without sex. Mastering some sexual skills is very important to improve the relationship between husband and wife.

are equal in the process of sexual life. Women not only need and even desire to caress, men also want to caress women. Men's private areas are the most sensitive, and caressing requires some skill to use their hands and lips. However, caressing should be skilled. You can learn the caress women want most. Generally speaking,

hold the penis by hand and extend it in combination with the actual movement, especially near the glans. But the same stimulus from the same actions is not interesting. Contact the skin of the penis body part, or add circular movement when stretching and contracting, slightly exert force, the effect will be several times better than only stimulating the penis part. The pleasure of kneading

comes from kneading up and down, while the pleasure of squeezing comes from grasping the penis and constantly being grasped and relaxed. Whether it is up and down friction or grip pressure, can give men a strong sense of excitement. Usually, no matter how much a woman stimulates her penis, a man will feel happy.

after a while, she can start to change her movements, strength, grip and rhythm. She can change her movements from top to bottom to top. She raised her hand and covered the man's penis. Next, stop pushing down. She lingers and rubs on it, then pushes it down. After that, she can repeat the action several times.

when the man's pleasure gradually increases, she holds his penis again, and constantly presses and relaxes. When she's done, she can put her penis in her mouth; remember to cover her teeth with her lips to avoid hurting it, and then she starts sucking up and down. She can slow down from time to time. When her mouth moves up and down, her hand holds the bottom of the penis; when she raises her head, her hand follows; when her hand pushes down, her mouth follows.

she relaxed her throat again, held the bottom of her penis with her hand and rubbed it up and down. This action can help men control ejaculation because it is not as stimulating as vaginal sex.

in addition, while caressing the penis, gently press the pudenda with the other hand or lips.

men's nipples will also be stimulated. So a man's nipple is a good sex zone. However, it has not yet developed, it can be said to be a hidden sexual zone. Stimulating the penis and touching the nipple at the same time can make men experience complex happiness.

can be used for penis stimulation in other parts of the body besides hands. For example, armpit. As soon as the armpit is scratched, the armpit hair and body taste will also itch, which can create a happy place both visually and tactically. Put the penis under the armpit. The friction and pressure during exercise will give the penis unusual sensation stimulation.

in addition, you can continue to touch the most sensitive nine personality sensitive areas of men:

when women lick their lips and teeth, the tip of their tongue is half exposed, which is usually a strong visual awakening of male sexual contact. The contact between lips and teeth - kissing, for men, is more of a stimulus to a more specific impulse. At this time, the male tongue in an aggressive manner to the carnival invitation.

for men's backs, massage and pruritus are serious forms that need to be discarded, and the frequency of writing is the brain. When it comes to men's lower abdomen, it means they will be the focus. But please don't hurry down and hang up his appetite. Navels are more than just trash left in the early years. Some men claim that touching the abdomen can bring happiness just like touching the navel. The smooth belly under the navel can make a man's heart expand and imagine. The main course hasn't come yet. Enjoy the appetizer salad.

in addition to the message from the eyes, another important sign of men's sex is the strong and visible buttocks. Most women admit that men's buttocks are sexier than skin color, height, voice and so on, and are more likely to make women think. Men who often go to the gym are naturally unusual, and key parts cannot be ignored. Hip, as an important semicircle in human body curve, is usually one of the body parts that men want to touch most.

men's thighs and chest are very similar, many men are itchy. So, the attention index here varies from person to person. Sometimes men don't care about this part, they just want to get into the subject as soon as possible. The other is human feet. Holding human feet in your arms can induce tolerance of human feet. It should be complete to touch human feet with your hands, which will generate a bottom-up impulse.

for men, their feet are more sensitive and tense in the foreplay stage. Although it is generally believed that there are no less than 40 sex sensitive areas in women, which will cause enough sexual excitement, men's sex sensitive areas may be more concentrated.

obviously, these skills are not known. Everyone should take responsibility in the couple's life and try to create a more harmonious sexual relationship.

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