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Guide reading:During pregnancy, there are a lot of things to pay attention to. Some electric appliances carry radiation, so some of them can't be used during pregnancy. Let's have a look.

with the progress of science and technology, more and more electronic products come into our lives. Electronic products bring us convenience, but also bring us harmful radiation. Although the harm is not obvious for adults, but for the fetus, we should avoid it. So pregnant women in pregnancy must be as far away from electronic products as possible.



when it comes to the radiation brought by electronic products, the first thing we think about is the mobile phone and the computer, mainly because these two things are used most frequently, which is why we often ignore the radiation brought by other household appliances in accordance with the old. In fact, the most radiant appliances in the home are not mobile phones. Pregnant women should really reduce the use of these things.


I. microwave ovens

most families now have a microwave oven, which is convenient for hot dishes at home. Some companies also have microwave ovens to make it easier for employees who bring their own meals to have a hot lunch. Although it can quickly let us eat hot food and rice, but at the same time it brings the largest radiation. The electromagnetic radiation produced by microwave oven ranks first in all commonly used household appliances. In fact, the most important thing for pregnant women to stay away from is the microwave oven. If you have to use the microwave oven, the pregnant woman will ask others to help warm it up.



2. Hair dryers

nowadays, people, whether men or women, have basically developed the habit of washing their hair every day. The hair of boys is not too short, and the towels are basically dry as soon as they are wiped, but it's more troublesome for girls. It takes a lot of time to dry their hair, so if they wash their hair at night, girls will use electricity A hairdryer dries your hair so that you can go to bed.

may not feel that there is radiation in the hair dryer, but in fact, the radiation of the hair dryer is quite strong. The higher the power of the hair dryer, the greater the radiation. Moreover, when the hair dryer is turned on and off, the radiation is the largest. It's better for pregnant women to use less hair dryer. Instead, wash their hair in the daytime, dry it with bath towel after washing, and then let it air dry naturally, so it's much easier.


3. Computers

are known to have radiation, but now we can't do without computers. Even if we don't have them at home, we need to face them at work, so if we don't need the first two things, we can still use them, but computers can't. In principle, pregnant women should not use computers for more than 20 hours a week, but the normal working time is 8 hours a day, and it is impossible to work for less than 20 hours a week. Therefore, if pregnant women are still working during pregnancy, they can consider buying a radiation protective clothing, and do not always sit and walk at work.



if there is a computer in the home, it's better to put it in a separate room. The place with the strongest computer radiation is on the back of the computer, then on the left and right sides, and the weakest place is the front, so the computer should not face people at last, and pregnant women should not stand behind the computer to reduce the radiation as much as possible. In fact,

are inevitably radiated in our daily life. We can only reduce the radiation as much as possible. For example, we can keep a distance from the electronic products, and remember to close the electronic products after using them. Some people can leave after using them, and do not close them. In this way, although the machine is in the standby state, it will generate radiation accumulation for a long time. Pregnant women need to supplement more nutrition every day, wash their faces and hands in time after using electronic products, especially after using computers. If pregnant women are worried about radiation injury, they should consult a doctor for peace of mind. (99 health net (www.99. Com. CN), if you need to reprint, please indicate the source.)


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