What is yuezi toothbrush? Basic knowledge about yuezi toothbrush

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Guide reading:The biggest advantage of yuezi toothbrush is that its material is softer than that of ordinary toothbrush, and some materials that are more effective for tooth protection are added in the manufacturing process of toothbrush.

month toothbrush are easy to understand. It is a kind of toothbrush specially made for the mother sitting in the month. Sitting on the moon even needs a special toothbrush. Why on earth? What is the difference between this month's toothbrush and ordinary toothbrush? Today, Xiaobian will introduce some basic knowledge about yuezi toothbrush for you! Compared with ordinary toothbrush,


, the monthly toothbrush can be made of cotton cloth, sanitary gauze and other materials, together with its raw materials, such as vitamin C, mint, etc., which can give more protection to the teeth and oral health of the puerpera. In addition, there is another difference between yuezi toothbrush and ordinary toothbrush. The shape of yuezi toothbrush is different from that of ordinary toothbrush. Its shape is wavy. It can clean the periodontium and gums of mothers, as well as the residue in the teeth. Although

have mentioned some advantages of yuezi toothbrush, they are still not comprehensive. The advantages of yuezi toothbrush are more comprehensive in the following introduction.


1. Protecting gums

protect gums and clean teeth, which is the significance of the existence of toothbrush, and the monthly toothbrush is inevitable. However, as mentioned above, the cleaning and protection effect of yuezi toothbrush is far better than that of ordinary toothbrush, and it is more suitable for mothers after childbirth.



2, which is good for recuperation,

2. Because the materials of the monthly toothbrush are cotton cloth, sanitary gauze, etc., when cleaning teeth, mothers do not need to walk to the pool for cleaning when the wound is not healed, and also avoid the problem of using cold water.

can help the parturient to cultivate their body and keep away from the uncomfortable problems caused by unnecessary actions.


3. Easy to use

also because the materials used to make the monthly toothbrush are mainly medical sponge, cotton cloth, etc., so in the process of brushing, mothers can clean without toothpaste or cold water.

can also effectively alleviate the problem of gingival bleeding during the process of tooth cleaning.

can clean the oral cavity only by using month toothbrush, which is convenient and simple, especially suitable for pregnant women.


since there are so many kinds of materials for making yuezi toothbrush, which material is better?

. First of all, mothers need to know that the types of monthly toothbrush can be divided into two categories if they are more common. One is non-woven toothbrush and the other is advanced medical sponge toothbrush. The difference between

toothbrushes lies in the fact that the texture of the advanced medical sponge toothbrush is lighter and thinner, which gives a more comfortable experience when washing.

are relatively rough compared with non-woven toothbrush, which is especially not suitable for pregnant women who have given birth and whose oral cavity is relatively fragile.

in addition, mothers also need to know that the monthly toothbrush is different from the ordinary toothbrush, it is a disposable product, so mothers should not buy too much at one time.

can be purchased after buying a box for use, if you think it is appropriate to buy again, so as to avoid the uncomfortable use of the products you buy, and feel reluctant to throw them away.


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