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Guide reading:Women want to be able to alleviate some of the pain during childbirth. Therefore, when giving birth, women should remember four don't, which can help pregnant women to give birth faster.
When it's time to give birth, many women will think of ways to relieve the pain of childbirth. Xiaobian reminds us to remember "four don't's" in the process of delivery. It's a way to help you deliver faster and reduce your pain. Mothers to be need to understand. In this way, when you give birth, you won't suffer so much

should be kept in mind in the process of delivery. If you feel dizzy when you close your eyes, please remember not to close your eyes during delivery. This will make expectant mothers feel uncomfortable and distracted, which is not conducive to delivery. Of course, if you find that closing your eyes can hear the sound inside your body and help you focus on childbirth, then you can close your eyes.

therefore, when giving birth, whether to close your eyes or not, according to your own situation, if you think it's beneficial to close your eyes, then close them.

2. Do not lean back

. Many women habitually lean back during childbirth, which will only aggravate the pain caused by uterine contraction. If you want to reduce the pain, it is better to curl up your body. Of course, if the mouth of the uterus is not opened and the delivery is not so fast, you can relieve the pain by lying on your chest and knees. You can lie on the bed, let your chest and knees touch the bed surface, and let your hips rise. If you keep this position, the gravity will work in the opposite direction, so that the pain caused by the contraction can be reduced.

3. Don't shout

when watching TV series, the women inside are shouting when giving birth to children. Remember, in reality, do not keep shouting when giving birth to children. Because if you shout like this, you will always focus on the pain, which will disrupt the breathing rhythm to relieve the pain. The expectant mothers of

should remember that the pain will last a long time when they start to wonder, so the attention of

should not be over focused at the beginning, such as not remembering the pain or other feelings. As a mother to be, you will feel nervous and tired, which will affect the sympathetic nerve of the human body, make the body more obviously feel pain, and then feel more and more pain.

4. Don't over exert

. When the pains come, expectant mothers will naturally exert their strength in order to give birth faster, but if they exert too much force on the shoulders and other parts, expectant mothers will consume their physical strength very quickly. In addition, when you tighten your hips too hard, there is a great possibility to squeeze the falling fetus back, which will affect the delivery.

therefore, mothers to be should not exert too much force when they have pains. When the pains have passed, they should relax quickly and let their tense bodies be released. And when giving birth, we should follow the instructions of the midwives, breathe rhythmically, and use our strength according to their instructions, and don't move and scream by ourselves.

how to care for

1. Urinate

in time after childbirth. After childbirth, four hours of micturition will be carried out, and the urine will be discharged within six hours after childbirth, and then the stool will be discharged within one to two days. Therefore, the delivery of women should do a good job of micturition in time.

2. Observe more

within 2 hours after delivery, stay in the delivery room for observation, because this time period is particularly prone to bleeding. Once abnormal conditions such as bleeding are found, emergency measures should be taken as soon as possible. In order to avoid life-threatening due to postpartum hemorrhage.

3. To wipe the vulva

after delivery, there will be lochia discharge. Therefore, it is necessary to wipe the vulva in time to avoid the residual lochia on the surface of the vulva. It is easy to grow bacteria after a long time. Of course, when wiping, use a warm towel, and the texture should be softer.
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