What should be paid attention to before normal delivery? These taboos

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Guide reading:Childbirth is not only a big event, but also a dangerous one. Therefore, women must be prepared before giving birth and carefully avoid some taboos. So, what should we pay attention to before normal delivery?
Childbirth is a big event. Although the medical conditions are good now, because there are many fewer deaths caused by childbirth, it does not mean that there is no risk in childbirth. Remember, if the delivery is not well done, it will also cause great danger. Therefore, we must be prepared before delivery. Some taboos should be paid attention to before delivery. None of them can be less

should pay attention to what

1 is before normal delivery. Do not be afraid of

for the expectant mothers in the first delivery, they often have a great fear of delivery. This is mainly due to the influence of people's crying out during childbirth in daily life, so that they are afraid of the pain during childbirth and fear. This kind of fear will not only affect the appetite and sleep of expectant mothers before delivery, but also can not make their bodies quickly enter the best state of labor, thus affecting the normal delivery.

2. Don't be careless.

some expectant mothers are particularly careless. They don't think they are giving birth so quickly, so they are not prepared for the things they need to give birth, and they are not prepared psychologically. When it comes to childbirth, they are busy and prone to make mistakes, such as prolonging their own childbirth process, so as to suffer more pain.

3. Avoid laziness

. Many women feel very heavy when they are about to give birth. Therefore, they like to lie down and rest, do not walk or stand. This is not good, because too much rest, too little activity, is not conducive to childbirth. On the contrary, if you exercise properly, you can relax your muscles and bones, not feel too tight, but also increase your physical strength. Only when you give birth can you have enough strength to give birth.

4. Avoid tiredness

. When you are approaching the expected date of production, you should stop working. If you insist on daily exercise, you should reduce the amount of activity and workload appropriately. Otherwise, if you are too tired, the mother to be will fall into a state of fatigue, which is not conducive to delivery at that time, that is, there is not enough strength to deliver, which increases the difficulty of delivery.

5. Avoid anxiety

for women without childbirth experience, they are always in a state of anxiety when they are about to give birth, one is afraid of the pain of childbirth, the other is that the fetus is born unhealthy and so on. This kind of anxiety is not good for partial delivery, so it is necessary to maintain a stable mood before childbirth and deal with it with ordinary heart. In addition to

, it is also necessary to remember that it is possible to advance or postpone the delivery for several days. If such a situation occurs, don't worry. If you feel uneasy, you can go to the hospital for examination. When the doctor judges, follow the doctor's instructions. The expectant mothers of


1, orange

will have large wounds in the endometrium during delivery, so they are prone to bleeding. Eating more oranges before delivery can avoid the occurrence of massive bleeding during delivery and reduce the threat of delivery. Therefore, in order to give birth smoothly, please eat some oranges properly before giving birth.

2, hawthorn

Hawthorn contain a lot of citric acid and hawthorn acid, which will help to disperse stasis and activate blood circulation after eating. If you eat some properly before delivery, it will promote the effect of uterine contraction, so as to help your mother deliver. Therefore, the mother to be in childbirth, to use Hawthorn stew, adhere to a few days to drink Hawthorn soup.

3, longan

should eat some longan before delivery, because eating it can increase physical strength, stabilize emotions, help expectant mothers make up for the physical strength consumed during delivery, and make expectant mothers produce faster. So, weak expectant mothers may as well eat longan before giving birth.

4. Banana

is easy to lose blood during delivery, so it is necessary to replenish blood after delivery. But in a short period of time is unable to play the purpose of replenishing sufficient blood, and many expectant mothers have been lying in bed before delivery, lack of activity, they are prone to constipation. However, banana is rich in cellulose and iron, so eating it properly can relieve constipation and replenish blood, so it's better for expectant mothers to eat some bananas before delivery.
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