Will vaginal relaxation be caused by childbirth? Can postpartum vaginal relaxation be restored?

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Guide reading:For postpartum mothers, will childbirth cause vaginal relaxation? Can postpartum vaginal relaxation be restored? In order to avoid this problem, we chose caesarean section. So, now many expectant mothers have this kind of confusion. Now let's take a

for postpartum mothers, will vaginal relaxation be caused by a smooth delivery? Can postpartum vaginal relaxation be restored? In order to avoid this problem, we chose caesarean section. So, now many expectant mothers have this kind of confusion. Now let's take a look at this problem that is hard for women to talk about.

vaginal relaxation is a common cause of postpartum vaginal relaxation,

vaginal relaxation refers to the decrease of pelvic muscle group tension, resulting in relaxation of the muscles around the vagina and widening of the vagina. There are many reasons for postpartum vaginal relaxation: the fetus is too large (the head is too large), which causes birth injury during natural childbirth; the mid-term induced labor causes vaginal injury; several childbirth; lack of postpartum exercise; the postpartum recovery of blind weight loss, not paying attention to nutrition or too tired, which leads to poor recovery of pelvic muscles, etc.

are mothers who give birth naturally. Because the fetus is delivered through the vagina, the diameter of the head of the general born baby is about 10 cm, that is to say, the vagina should be expanded to 10 cm during delivery (the normal vagina diameter is 2.5 cm). After the extrusion of the born baby, the vagina is obviously expanded, the muscles and hymen marks are completely damaged, and the elasticity is obviously reduced. However, although the vagina of the mother who gave birth from vagina has changed, there will be varying degrees of vaginal relaxation. But it doesn't mean that natural childbirth is the main cause of vaginal relaxation, because the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic cavity will be fully extended when the mother is in labor, so as to prepare the birth canal for the baby. So even if the mother has a cesarean section, her vagina will also have relaxation. Does

vaginal relaxation affect sexual life?

will have varying degrees of changes in the vagina after childbirth, which will weaken the friction during sexual life, reduce the "gripping" ability of the original vagina to the penis, affect the pleasure of both husband and wife, and have a certain impact on the quality of sexual life. But there are many reasons that affect sexual life. Besides physiological reasons, the psychological adjustment of both husband and wife is very important. The husband should be considerate and tolerant to his wife.

as long as we pay attention to the recovery of postpartum exercise, generally after three months postpartum, the vagina of postpartum mothers can be restored to the previous level. How can vaginal relaxation recover after

? The vaginas of

have their own repair function, and the dilation phenomenon can be recovered after 3 months. But after all, the muscles in the vagina are damaged after crushing and tearing, so the recovery of the elasticity of the vagina takes longer. Postpartum mothers can strengthen the recovery of elasticity and promote vaginal firmness through some exercises.

1. Hold the urination

in the process of urination, consciously hold the urination for a few seconds, interrupt urination, and continue urination after a pause. So repeatedly, after a period of exercise, you can improve the tension of the muscles around the vagina.

2. When

have the intention of defecating, they hold the stool and do the movement. Often repeated, can be very good exercise pelvic muscles.

3. The contraction movement

lie on the back, relax the body, insert a finger into the vagina gently, then contract the vagina, clamp the vagina, last for 3 seconds, then relax, repeat several times. The time can be lengthened gradually.

4. When other sports

walk, consciously tighten the muscles inside the big feet and perineum, then relax and repeat the exercise.

can greatly improve the tension of pelvic muscles and the muscles around the vagina, help the recovery of vaginal elasticity, and help sexual life. In addition to restorative exercise, postpartum mothers should also ensure the intake of essential nutrients to ensure muscle recovery. As long as we can grasp the time to shrink Yin and move in time, we will not relax too much, so we don't need to worry too much about this problem.

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