Do you need to cut the bottom when the labor is in progress? The obstetrician finally said the reaso

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Guide reading:A lot of pregnant mothers will think of such a thing when they are about to have a baby. If they don't choose to have a caesarean section, is it necessary to cut off the lower part of it if they want to have a baby? Is it really necessary to cut off

a lot of pregnant women will think of such a thing when they are about to have a baby. If they don't choose to have a caesarean section, will they have to cut off the following pain? Does it really need to be cut down? Finally, the obstetrician told the truth. Pregnant women must know that in fact, what pregnant women say is that the following is what is medically called lateral episiotomy.

what is episiotomy? In the process of

giving birth to children, it is very important for marriage whether the child's head can pass through the birth canal smoothly. These are to make the child's head pass through the birth canal more smoothly. Generally, the female vagina opening of the first child is relatively tight. Only through these can the pregnant mother give birth to the child better, but if it is the second child, it is good A little bit, because the degree of side cutting will be relatively low.

, which conditions need side cutting? The obstetrician tells you the truth. The pregnant mother should know:

1. If there is a problem in the process of childbirth, such as the lack of oxygen in the child or the rapid heartbeat of the fetus, it is necessary to carry out side cutting at the end of childbirth. Otherwise, it is really difficult to go to the next step.

2. If your mother's vaginal opening is too tight or the elasticity of the skin is too small, the head of the child will not be able to pass smoothly. Are

pregnant mothers over 35 years old very old or have pregnancy problems? Side cutting is needed to finish the production process as soon as possible.

4. Some children may be too big to come out in their stomachs. At this time, they need side cutting to help the birth of children.

here believe that many people are reluctant to sit on this side cutting. If they don't want to do side cutting, then I must do these during pregnancy.

1, communicate with doctors more

2, communicate with doctors well in advance, and only when there are no other problems can we choose to have a smooth delivery.

3, keep happy and in good mood, and be ready for delivery at any time.

4. When you are about to have a baby, don't think about what others say about having a baby. In this way, you can only become more afraid. You must keep a calm mood and face childbirth calmly.

5. Pay attention to your weight. Don't be overweight.

if pregnant women are too fat, they will make their children very big, so they must exercise more properly at ordinary times.

no matter what doctors do when they have children, it is for the sake of adults and children. Only when adults and children are healthy and safe, this is what we want to see.
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