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Guide reading:It is said that mothers are great, especially at the moment of childbirth, and bear great pain to give birth to their children. If you haven't experienced the process, it must be hard to feel it. Let's take a look at the pictures of the real pro

all say that the mother is great, especially at the moment of delivery, bear great pain to give birth to the child. If you haven't experienced the process, it must be hard to feel it. Let's take a look at the pictures of the real process of women's childbirth. It's amazing.

women give birth smoothly: the first stage of

delivery: at this time, there will be regular abdominal pain. With the opening of the cervix, the time of pain is longer and longer, and the interval is shorter and shorter.

take the most time in the first stage of production due to the slow opening of cervix. It takes about 8-12 hours for pregnant women to give birth for the first time. When the cervix opening of

begins to expand, the wall of cervix becomes thinner at the same time. Near the inner opening of uterus, the egg membrane surrounding the fetus will be peeled off from the wall of uterus, at this time, there will be a small amount of bleeding, that is, "red". With the passage of time, the pain becomes more and more intense. The egg membrane will break and the amniotic fluid will flow out, which is called "breaking water".

are the second stage of labor, when the cervix is fully opened (10 cm) until the birth of the baby.

are usually used by first born mothers for 1-2 hours. The more severe the pain is, from every 2-3 minutes to every other minute, and there will be a feeling of attack. At this time,

should cooperate with the tide of throbbing, and exert downward force like defecation. The parturient should not worry too much, let alone kick and shout, let it go naturally, pay attention not to shrink their feet, and do not touch their sterilized parts. After the head of

is delivered, the baby's head begins to turn clockwise.

are then delivered out of the right shoulder after a period of time. At this time, the doctor will Minamata and his hands, exert a little force towards the mother's back to make the baby's head press down, first deliver the right shoulder, then lift the baby's head up (the mother's ventral side), so that the left shoulder can be delivered out. After the head of

is delivered, the whole body of the fetus is delivered after only 2-3 minutes, and the mother suddenly feels relaxed.

then, the doctor uses a straw to suck the amniotic fluid and blood from the baby's nose and mouth, and the baby's crying is the proof of his health.

women give birth to children by caesarean section: the doctors of

wear sterile disposable surgical clothes, the doctors wear sterile gloves

operation needs hemostatic forceps, needle holders, gauze equipment. The nurses are all ready for

operation. The first step is to cut the skin "KDS" PE ""

"" ""


"the second bloody step is to separate the sleeping baby from the subcutaneous tissue"


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"and give birth to"

"under the care of doctors“
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