Fatty liver is increasing year by year. How to prevent fatty liver in women

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Guide reading:When it comes to all kinds of liver diseases, most people want hepatitis B or hepatitis C. in fact, the incidence of fatty liver is surging every year. The surge of fatty liver gives us a wake-up call. Do you know how to prevent fatty liver for female fri

said that most people want hepatitis B or C when they talk about various liver diseases. In fact, the incidence of fatty liver is increasing every year, which has sounded a alarm for us. Do you know how to prevent fatty liver for female friends? Today, I'd like to talk about fatty liver.

fatty liver has become the "first liver disease",

in China. Actually, there are about 120 million patients with fatty liver in China, which is far more than the number of viral hepatitis patients. And its incidence is rising every year, has become the real "first liver disease". The catch-up of fatty liver makes us realize the threat of liver disease. In fact, fatty liver does not have many obvious symptoms. If you like sleepiness or fatigue, you may be cautious if you prefer to eat greasy food. This may be the performance of fatty liver. The appearance of

fatty liver will seriously affect the body, such as hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis and cirrhosis, etc. Therefore, effective prevention of fatty liver should be done at ordinary times.

first, how can

prevent fatty liver in diet? Let's start with diet. It is suggested to make a reasonable combination of three meals at ordinary times, and eat more protein food far away from favorable food, so as to avoid excessive accumulation of fat in the liver. You can also eat oats, corn and milk. They can help you clear cholesterol.

second, how can

avoid fatty liver in life? In fact, as long as the bad habits such as staying up late, smoking and drinking are improved, sleeping regularly to ensure sufficient sleep time, and staying away from tobacco and alcohol can be avoided.

are the third. Do you know that

in sports? In fact, obesity is also the main cause of fatty liver. Therefore, if you want to prevent fatty liver, you need to lose weight, lose waist circumference and fat, improve your immunity through sports, and also consume fat. The

editors remind that the increasing number of obese people, coupled with the proliferation of fatty liver has become a great threat, so we should pay attention to fatty liver, do not think it is far away from us. It is suggested that the above three ways can be used for prevention.

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