Will sleeping with your baby affect your sex life or even your relationship?

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Guide reading:The frequency of sexual intercourse during pregnancy and the desire to vent their desires at will have been restrained to varying degrees. They are afraid that big actions will hurt the baby. They are also afraid of premature rupture of fetal membrane and

couple's number of "sex" during pregnancy and their desire to vent their desires at will have been restrained to varying degrees - they are very afraid that big actions will hurt the baby, they are also afraid of premature rupture of membranes, uterine infection, etc. in the late pregnancy, semen can also promote uterine contraction.


if the mother has threatened abortion, placental abruption and other situations, almost the entire pregnancy can only bear this physiological needs. It's really hard!

although foreign scientific data statistics show that reasonable sex during pregnancy will not cause frequent uterine contractions, premature delivery and increased probability of abortion, but if there is any abnormal performance, it should be terminated and medical observation should be conducted. When you have sex with your lover, you are more or less concerned about not having a good time.


therefore, after the baby is born, it is likely that the couple will be a little estranged in this respect. You want to be born soon



differ in the time limit of avoiding sexual life in the course of delivery and cesarean section, while mothers who give birth have to insist on avoiding sexual life for at least six weeks to two months to prevent infection of the uterus that has not yet been completely recovered. Cesarean section has an additional process of healing of uterus and abdominal wound, which is safer for more than three months.

are tired in the early postnatal period. The hormone changes may affect the sexual life of

. In the early period, they keep feeding milk, often take care of your baby all night, and you are exhausted. The huge changes of hormones in your body will reduce your sexual desire (this is positive in ancient times or in the field of animals to avoid too intensive baby birth, difficult to take care of your mother, etc., which is normal for women Physiological performance).


and your husband who has not experienced childbirth does not have these troubles.

he may have been holding the whole pregnancy, and when the baby was born, the man was not as fast as the woman to enter the role, and usually did not understand the idea and needs of the woman well I was more or less unhappy. If

are repeatedly rejected at this time, it's really annoying, angry and crazy! Our culture has a strong sense of shame about sex. It's very private and even a little bit against morality. If one side wants to have sex, it's really uncomfortable and even irritating to ask repeatedly but not to. Whether



sleep in separate rooms with children is a problem.

many people will be very concerned about this hungry child around them, especially men when they "have sex". If you two have a spring night and are enjoying it vigorously, he will cry for milk, and her mother's instinct will make her quickly climb down from her husband and rush to the baby for milk. It's really disappointing to think! When the mother is fed, it is very likely that the husband will not be able to mention "sex" again, or even turn over and fall asleep.

then one day, you or your husband put forward that the baby can't sleep well in one side, and sleep in separate rooms. Either leave the baby to sleep with someone else, or you and your husband share the bed. Almost all families, more or less, have encountered this kind of distress What's the result of

babies giving to others?

1. It may affect the milk amount of Baoma

babies giving to others in a month. When you take the milk, your milk amount will decrease rapidly. If you stop feeding and give it to others, the whole family will not sleep well unless the baby is taken home by the old man.

2. Baoma is worried about her baby. She can't sleep for a long time.

you will often miss her baby. No matter how big the house is, it won't be completely soundproof. Even if you sleep very dead, the changing female hormones and guilt will make you wake up from time to time, and you will always listen to whether the baby is crying or not. If the baby does cry, you may not fall asleep for a long time 。

3. Children are easy to keep sleeping habits, lack of psychological security,

babies lack of security, and often wake up, especially during long teeth. Caregivers have no breasts and are difficult to pacify.

old people tend to be soft hearted, holding their babies for a long time to sleep, even turning on the lights to play with their children when they can't sleep. A friend of the author, both husband and wife work very hard and have a high risk, so they need better sleep quality, so they wean early and leave their children to the elderly. Children get up several times every night, play with the door, climb the sofa, turn on and off the lights, and tell stories The next day the old man would say, "I only got up three times yesterday. It's much stronger..." But friends had to let the old man take the baby home to take care of. So the lack of security baby has been difficult to coax sleep, until two or three years old every night to get up several times to play.

4. When the baby is with the elderly for a long time, it will get up early and go to bed late, which will affect the family's sleep.

will get up very early with the dawn and the elderly, and the baby who is very sensitive to light and loneliness will get up very early. Some babies also have anxiety about the day and night alternation - the sun will come out and the sun will set for a while. Every night, I can't sleep in the morning, so the whole family is very tired.

5. Living together, the privacy space is not

, but you and your husband think about your baby when "having sex" and fall asleep tired after "having sex", but you are awakened several times by the crying of your baby. You are full of guilt for your baby and caregiver, so it is difficult to sleep well. Most of the time, sleeping old people or nannies next door "have sex" with each other, which is not so enjoyable. In fact, many men are more concerned about the privacy of "sex" environment than women.

if there is any family conflict due to the differences in parenting, you are likely to have a grudge against the parents and even yourself of the sleepers, and it is more difficult to devote yourself to them. It has become a very luxurious thing to have "sex" wholeheartedly, full of love, happily, and then to embrace and sleep in the gentle whispering and snorting of both sides How

breast milk mothers bring their own babies does not affect the situation of the highest emotional


and "cost performance". Breast milk mothers still take their own babies to sleep, and it is convenient to feed and coax them to sleep, which will have the lowest impact on the sleep of the whole family.

1. Smart baby will follow your sleep pace. Like adults,

babies also have deep and light sleep alternationPhenomenon, it's just that babies wake up easily when their sleep is light. Many babies are bleary eyed and can fall asleep when they see the caregiver lying beside them; if they find themselves alone, they are likely to cry for companions. You'll find out how long he sleeps as long as you're around, and how soon he wakes up as soon as you get up. If you start a rich "night life" at night waiting for your baby to fall asleep, he will wake up relatively frequently to look for you.

breast fed babies have a sense of security, so they are quiet and satisfied, and they don't make noise most of the time. He will even adjust his sleep cycle to keep pace with you - day and night, as long as you sleep, he will come to lick his nipples and snuggle up to you to sleep.

therefore, breast-feeding mothers can even sleep late. Even if he wakes up in the morning and has enough food and drink to sleep, he will play quietly with himself, watch the light change, pick up the toy and shake it, and babble in his mouth Can play for an hour or two, not very noisy. Sometimes he would like to sleep with you. So you probably have a feeling from time to time that the sleepiness between you and your baby is contagious.


of course, there are also mothers and fathers who have poor sleep quality. They still care about the sound of baby playing nearby, so it is difficult to sleep well. You can lie down for a while, or pretend to be asleep and have a rest. It's good if you want to wake up earlier. Most breast-feeding babies follow your sleep pace - you don't have to be bothered by being led by your baby's nose.

2. Sleep as much as you like when you need to. Don't play with your waking baby, especially when you turn on the light.

have babies who are easy to wake up. Even if the caregiver is around, they may want to sit up and play. In fact, the baby is very smart. He finds that the surrounding environment is dark, and his parents are sleeping soundly. Sometimes, his mother slaps the baby vaguely to comfort him. He can quickly understand that his parents and breasts are going to sleep at night, and they will also lie down and go to sleep. If you turn on the light to play, it will confuse the baby, so that he does not have the concept of day and night alternation. The baby with simple mind will feel anxious if he encounters the frequently changed things, and he will be restless and wake up frequently if he cannot distinguish between day and night.

3. The circadian rhythm of early baby culture is also very important.

should not tease the baby excessively during the day, and make his mind too excited, instead, they will wake up frequently at night. During the day, the baby doesn't need to close the curtains when he sleeps, and the whole family doesn't have to make any noise with their hands. Light and sound can tell the baby that it's the day, and naturally control his sleep time. If you sleep too well during the day, the baby will turn upside down day and night, and the sleep quality will become worse when he grows up in the future. He will be used to sleeping without any interference. In fact, as long as the baby's sleep safety is established, two or three months of the baby can form a circadian rhythm, and the sleep interval at night is longer, or even sleep all night Do

babies sleep nearby, which will affect their sexual life?

most babies sleep heavily after deep sleep, and are not sensitive to noise. If husband and wife don't mind sleeping next to their baby, "sex" can also be unaffected. In fact, most people still feel that it has some impact on their sexual life. The author of

feels that after having a baby, whether the "sex" land is full of pleasure and pleasure or not, the psychological influence will be more important. As a direct caregiver, the mother will look down on the baby's presence.

just mentioned that men often have higher requirements for the privacy of the "sex" environment - they are likely to simply mind that they are not happy enough with a small person lying beside them, always thinking about whether they will wake him up, cry, or even end the matter in a cursory manner, ignoring the gentle comfort of sensitive wives.

if there are only couple and baby in the family, it's also a good experience to change rooms or "have sex" in the living room. If you can only "have sex" with your baby, you two can relax and enjoy for a moment, and put down the annoying little man for a while. Why not? Even if the baby cries, "half-time break" for a moment, the husband patiently waits for the nursing wife. Then what happened just now is very good. The wife with a little bit of guilt and gratitude will treat her husband more warmly


if you two really feel that sexual life is affected, or even the relationship between husband and wife is affected, I hope you two can have a good talk, understand each other's feelings and needs, and try to find a solution that both sides can accept.

in our culture, talking about sex seems to be a shameful thing, unable to be on the table and related to personality; on the other hand, our culture also makes many people not able to express their own needs, and get good communication results.

are very important and common, just like the need of eating and sleeping. It's not only shameful, but also as pleasant as eating delicious food and sleeping well. A couple of

are very happy as long as they can do three things: eat together, sleep together and chat together. And many families did not do it, or even because of these simple things to let the feelings cool, or even cracks. In our country, almost half of the divorced people have the problem of uncoordinated sexual life, and many problems often occur before and after the baby is born. I hope you two can face up to your needs and desire for a better relationship and life.

as the crystallization and emotional ties of husband and wife's love, the arrival of the baby should make the husband and wife's feelings warm up, and make a lot of surprises for family life. If his arrival is more painful, there must be something wrong with it. We need to face up to and solve problems, let life return to the normal track, and really feel great happiness from it. Never look forward to time to heal everything, nor to the baby growing up all natural well. The unresolved problems will only deepen the gap.


and, in the best years of both sides, they did not enjoy the best“Is it a pity to have a good time? I hope you will try your best to pursue your happiness and firmly grasp it. "Kdspe

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