What are the key points of care for a baby sitting in the moon in autumn

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Guide reading:Autumn is a high incidence period of various diseases, which is also a challenge for new mothers. So what are the key points of nursing in autumn?
No matter in which season of the year, there are always some nursing points to pay attention to. Today, let's talk about the main points of nursing when sitting on the moon in autumn



1. It is forbidden to eat cold food. In order to achieve rich nutrition,

for pregnant women, they consume a lot of physical strength and energy after childbirth. They need to eat some foods with high nutritional value, high calories and easy to digest when they are sitting in the moon. In this way, we can provide enough nutrients for the recovery of the body quickly, and at the same time, we can help new mothers have more milk. The reason why

do not recommend puerpera to eat cold food after childbirth is that puerpera still needs to discharge lochia, plus her body is relatively weak. If she eats cold food again, it will stimulate her stomach and intestines, which makes lochia difficult to discharge. In addition to

, we also need to pay attention to the fact that spicy foods such as ginger and garlic need to be avoided, otherwise it will easily cause constipation or hemorrhoids. It is very important for

women to eat more fruits and vegetables in Xinxiang besides some digestible high calorie nutrients when they are in confinement. Fresh fruits and vegetables can supplement enough vitamins and cellulose for the puerpera, effectively help the puerpera digest and prevent constipation.


2. Pay attention to calcium supplement


postpartum calcium supplement is a thing that many mothers will forget. If you can, it is recommended that pregnant women take calcium agents or eat more calcium containing foods when they can't be exposed to the sun in autumn.

because if postpartum women do not pay attention to calcium supplementation, they are likely to have osteoporosis, loose teeth, leg cramps and other problems in the future.



3. Pay attention to keeping warm

in autumn. For the parturient, keeping warm is the most important. Especially when feeding the baby breast milk, the new mother must do a good job in keeping the chest and abdomen warm, otherwise it is easy to have shoulder joint cold.

so in order to keep warm enough and feed easily, the new mother must do the following "three stickers" when feeding.

means that the chest and abdomen are close to the baby, so that the baby's chin is close to the new mother's breast.

two stickers refer to the new mother holding her baby's buttocks with one hand and letting her baby's head and neck rest on her arm.

three stickers make the baby's upper body cling to the new mother's arm.



4. Do not touch the cold water

for the autumn parturient, it can be bathed one week later. But we need to pay attention to the fact that the bathroom can not be completely closed, nor can it take too long to take a bath and wash, generally five to ten minutes is appropriate. As for room temperature,

, the temperature should be 20-25 ℃ and about 37 ℃. In addition, after bathing, you should dry your body, hair and put on warm cotton clothes.

should avoid falling asleep immediately after taking a bath. It is easy to have a cold. It is better to drink a cup of hot water after taking a bath to supplement the body with some water.


5. Keeping a good mood state of

is very helpful for the recovery of postpartum body. If the new mother is lonely, sad, aggrieved and other bad emotions after childbirth, it is necessary to find the help of her husband or relatives in time, and digest these bad emotions in time.
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