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Guide reading:In China, postpartum confinement has become a necessary choice. The purpose of postpartum confinement is to enable the new mother to recover effectively. Today we are going to learn about how to drink water when sitting on the moon.
When a new mother sits on the moon, she needs to pay attention to all aspects, especially the issue of what water to drink. In fact, experts suggest that new mothers should not drink water frequently during their confinement, let alone the special water promoted by some businesses. When


are sitting on the moon, the most important thing for new mothers to drink is boiled water, but never too frequently. Generally speaking, due to sweating and lactation of the new mother after childbirth, the water loss is faster, but generally eight cups of water, i.e. 1200 ml to 2000 ml of boiled water, are also suitable for a day.

can drink the following kinds of water besides boiled water:


1, red jujube tea

red jujube tea mainly uses dangshen, red jujube and wolfberry to cook. Generally, the cooking time is one hour.


2. Hawthorn water

Hawthorn water mainly uses dried hawthorn, brown sugar and purified water for cooking. Generally speaking, if you start with 400 ml of water, when the water is 300 ml left, you can put in brown sugar, and then prepare to get out of the pot.



3, longan water

longan water is mainly cooked with fresh longan meat, brown sugar and purified water. Generally, the cooking time is also limited by the remaining 300ml of water, and then add brown sugar to prepare the pot.


4. Fried rice tea

this water is cooked with red dates, wolfberry, astragalus, dangshen and northeast rice. The method is to stir fry the northeast rice to a yellowish color, then pour in warm water, wolfberry, red dates, until boiling, change to medium heat, boil for about an hour.

in the above water, we will find that the utilization rate of brown sugar is the highest. Although brown sugar is beneficial for the recovery of the body after childbirth, attention should be paid to the time and frequency of consumption.

should pay attention to what

should be when drinking brown sugar water. Generally speaking, when a new mother is sitting on the moon, the best time to drink brown sugar water is less than ten days, usually one week. At the same time, pay attention not to frequent consumption, because once frequent consumption, it is easy to cause the uterus to contract too fast, and make the wound worse. This is counterproductive instead, so it is generally recommended that the consumption of brown sugar in a day should not exceed 20 grams. In fact,


not only have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, benefiting qi and nourishing blood, but also have the effect of brown sugar. Besides

, it should also be noted that no matter drinking brown sugar water or other water, it should not be too frequent, otherwise, it is easy to have visceral ptosis, and even serious meniscus disease that will leave neuralgia for new mothers. In fact, the concept of

has existed in ancient China. At that time, the old Chinese medicine would think that the new mother consumed too much Qi and blood after childbirth, and her body was very weak. If she drank some alcohol-free rice wine in the moon, it would help her recover her body and Qi and blood, and it would also help to expel the evil dew. In modern medicine, it has gradually proved that the achievements of ancient medicine are correct.

according to research, if new mothers drink alcohol-free rice wine after childbirth, it will help to prevent joint pain, also help new mothers replenish qi and blood, and also play a role in promoting milk.
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