What factors in life will lead to early abortion

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Guide reading:Abortion is not a rare thing in daily life. Many pregnant mothers do not take good care of their bodies during pregnancy, so that they are unprepared after abortion. Which elements in life are easy to cause abortion

abortion is not a rare thing in daily life. Many pregnant women have not taken good care of their bodies during pregnancy, so that they have been caught off guard after abortion. What elements of life easily lead to abortion?

during pregnancy, nail polish can cause abortion

nail polish and other cosmetics. It contains a substance called phthalate, which is easy to cause abortion and give birth to abnormal children. Therefore, pregnant or lactating women should avoid using cosmetics marked with "phthalate ester" to prevent abortion or infant deformity, especially boys, more vulnerable to "harm". At the same time, do not dye, perm and apply lipstick for a long time.

pets are also one of the culprits.

cats and dogs are infected with viruses, Toxoplasma gondii, bacteria, etc., which can reach the placenta through blood circulation, destroy the chorionic structure of the placenta, cause material exchange obstacles between the mother and the fetus, lack of oxygen and nutrients supply, and the metabolites of the fetus can not be excreted through the placenta in time , resulting in embryo death and abortion.

are wary of abortion caused by computer radiation,

computer and electromagnetic radiation, noise, light shortage and lead pollution can have adverse effects on human body. Early pregnant women, if more than 20 hours a week on the plane, the probability of abortion and fetal teratogenesis increased by more than 80%. Therefore, stay away from the computer or take protective measures 3 months before the planned pregnancy.

are far away from noise, and

noise can affect the functional activities of the central nervous system of the mother to be. The mother to be affected by noise can also speed up the fetal heart rate and increase fetal movement, which is extremely harmful to the fetus. High decibel noise can damage the hearing organ of the fetus, and make the endocrine function of the mother to be disordered, induce the contraction of ZG and cause abortion, premature delivery, weight loss of the newborn and congenital malformation.

well-known gender brand Lelo said: perfect sex is to blossom and bear fruit, so in daily life, we should avoid some elements that can cause abortion. (image source: CFP)

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