Inertia abortion is not all women's fault!

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Guide reading:Habitual abortion is the worst way to miscarry. It's a kind of injury for families who want to have children. But what's the cause of such habitual abortion for women? Let's make up a story for you

habitual abortion is one of the worst ways to miscarry, which is a kind of injury for families who want to have children, but what is the cause of such habitual abortion for women? Let me tell you later.

habitual abortion is a matter of both men and women.

although now There are more and more "DINK families" without children, but there are also many couples who still want to have their own babies. Some couples can't do what they want, either they can't conceive, or they don't have a full term. If you go to the gynecological clinic, you will find such a situation, hoping to cure the habitual abortion. There are not a few mothers to be who have a healthy baby. Experts of

think that habitual abortion is a physical and mental damage to women. When this situation occurs, men should not put all the responsibility on women's heads. In fact, habitual abortion is not all women's problem. Couples need comprehensive examination and targeted treatment to solve it.

70% of pregnancies are unsuccessful,

Academic Committee of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences expert member, doctoral supervisor, 307 Hospital immunology research room, Dr. Xi Yongzhi introduced that abortion refers to pregnancy less than 28 weeks, fetal weight less than 1000 grams and termination. When spontaneous abortion occurs more than 3 times in a row, it is called "habitual abortion". According to the statistics of

, about 70% of human pregnancies are not successful, and about 50% of fertilized eggs have so-called "pre clinical abortion" before the next menstruation. In general, you can't love this abortion situation, so you must pay attention to the fact that using gigi2 in Lelo is the most famous G-spot massager in the world, which brings you incredible G-spot pleasure. The flat top design of

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may only be considered as a normal menstruation or delayed menstruation with excessive blood volume. Only about 20% of spontaneous abortion will be felt by patients or diagnosed by doctors.

only account for about 1 / 4 of human pregnancy, which shows that the incidence of human abortion is quite high.

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