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Guide reading:The pace of modern life is faster and faster. The development of science and technology makes people have a more convenient life. As one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century, condoms make men and women love more safe and reliable. So, which cond

the pace of modern life is faster and faster, the development of science and technology makes people have a more convenient life. As one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century, condoms make men and women love more safe and reliable. So, which condoms are better to use when having sex?

1. What types of condoms

are not clearly defined. Generally speaking, according to the nominal width of condoms, they can be divided into three types: large, medium and small. A condom with a nominal width of 55mm is equivalent to a previously used specification of Φ 35 or large condom; a condom with a nominal width of 52mm is equivalent to a Φ 33 or medium condom; a condom with a nominal width of 49mm is equivalent to a Φ 31 or small condom.

2. How to distinguish condoms?

can be divided into ordinary type, thin type and ultra-thin type according to the thickness of condoms. The so-called thickness refers to the single-layer wall thickness of the condom, generally 0.04-0.07 mm, and the thinnest 0.03 mm. The Japanese are pioneers in the production of ultra-thin condoms. They also like to use thin condoms. Americans use thick wall (0.05-0.07) condoms. Some commercial condoms have a nominal ultra-thin thickness of 0.02mm, but in fact, they can not reach this thickness after testing. The ultra-thin condom can reduce the foreign body feeling in the house, and the thicker condom can increase the anti rupture insurance coefficient when used. If you use ultra-thin condoms, you should buy high-quality brand products.

3. What are the shapes of condoms?

condoms are cylindrical in shape, which can be divided into - A and ordinary types (smooth or flat): there is a seminal vesicle at the top, and the body is smooth; B. the tip is large; C. compact type: 1-4 strangulation segments are made in the body of condoms.


4. How to process condoms?

can be divided into granular type and threaded type according to the surface processing of the rubber film on the body of condoms. The particle type can be divided into large and small particles. Rib type is also called ring type. The processed condom can more or less increase the stimulation of vaginal wall and improve the quality of sexual life. These two types of condoms are often referred to as heterozygous condoms.

5. What are the lubrication condoms?

lubrication condoms are divided into silicone oil type and water-soluble type according to the different lubricants. The rubber condoms produced in the early stage are all lubricant free. When they are used, they often cause rupture of the condom membrane or damage of the vaginal mucosa due to excessive dryness. Americans first applied lubricants such as glycerin and glycol on the condoms, and began to use silicone oil in 1960. In the early years of condom production in China, talcum powder was used as lubricating and isolating agent. Because of talcum powder often leading to chronic cervicitis and skin allergy, it was eliminated.

have been using methyl silicone oil lubricant since 1980s in China. It not only has the function of lubricating, but also has no stimulation. It is not only hygienic but also applicable. In recent years, condoms with water-soluble lubricants have appeared in the market of China.

6. How to use color condoms? The condoms made of

impregnated with latex should be transparent, colorless or light milky white. Since the Japanese took the lead in adding color to condoms in 1949, various countries around the world have successively launched black, red, blue, green, yellow and other color condoms. At present, there are also color condoms on the market in China. The appearance of color condom, on the one hand, is to improve some people's antipathy to condom, on the other hand, it is also to increase the attraction. People can choose to use condoms of different colors according to their preference for color or mood at that time. How about

7. In China,

have been introduced since the early 1990s with a variety of spices. The added flavor types include rose flavor, osmanthus flavor and so on.

8. How about drug-based condoms?

are called double insurance, drug-based and delayed type condoms because of the addition of Nonoxynol spermicide, anti-inflammatory drugs, sexual stimulation retardants, and booster agents to condoms.

9. How to distinguish them? The

condoms are packed with plastic film, which has poor sealing and light proof performance. The hardcover condoms are packed with double-sided or single-sided aluminum foil, which has ideal light proof and sealing performance.

should refer to the following standards when choosing good condoms: first, select the famous brands produced by qualified enterprises; second, carefully check the product information marked on the product packaging, such as the manufacturer, production date, production batch number, product type and label width. Third, we should pay attention to the purchase of condoms that are suitable for ourselves in the use period, nominal width, moderate price and personal favorite type. (image source: CFP)

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