Is it safe to have sex without a condom during lactation?

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Guide reading:The direct cause of accidental pregnancy is that our safety measures are not well done. I believe that many women are hit by unwanted pregnancy after enjoying the pleasure of sex. Therefore, we need to do a good job of contraception every day, and don
The direct cause of

unexpected pregnancy is that our safety measures are not well done. I believe that many women are hit by unwanted pregnancy after enjoying the pleasure of sex. Therefore, we need to do a good job of contraception every day, and don't wait for an accident to come before we repent. Especially some postpartum mothers, especially to do contraceptive measures. I believe that many people's cognition is that there is no need to take protective measures for breastfeeding sex. But it's not right. Contraception is also necessary after childbirth, otherwise it will also bring us serious consequences.

ask: is it necessary to wait for menstruation to have another contraception after childbirth?

have been pregnant for three months! What makes Ms. Cheng depressed recently is that she has just given birth to a child for more than three months, but her body has not recovered, and she is pregnant again. The postpartum sex life with her husband was carried out after the birth of a month. At that time, her menstruation was not recovered, and her passion was still there, so she did not use contraception. Unexpectedly, she was recruited so quickly.

Ms. Cheng cried. Many new moms in the forum said that they didn't need contraception before menstruation. Why did they choose the right way?

answer: postpartum menstruation did not recover, and the ovary may ovulate. In fact,

may have ovulated before menstruation is resumed. In fact, they already have the basic conditions for pregnancy. It is true that many people think that if a woman does not have menstruation during lactation, she will not be pregnant, so she does not use contraception at all, which results in an unexpected pregnancy. This is the case with Ms. Cheng.

ask: what are the hazards of abortion when pregnant again after childbirth?

answer: pregnant again in a short time after childbirth, because the myometrium has not returned to normal, the uterus is very soft and not easy to contract, so it is easy to cause mechanical injury, excessive bleeding and uterus during abortion operation Perforation and other complications. Especially for the new mummy after cesarean section, although the incision on the uterine wall has healed after the operation, it is more likely to be dangerous in artificial abortion because the scar replaces the original muscle tissue. So new moms must be cautious.

ask: is lactation an absolutely safe period?

answer: lactation is not an absolutely safe period.

and many other new mothers think that postpartum lactation is actually equivalent to "safe period", and they do not need any contraceptive measures to have sex. This idea is also unscientific. According to survey statistics, about 1 / 3 of pregnant women will be in lactation or pregnant. This shows that it is not reliable for a new mother to use lactation contraception.

theoretically, postpartum lactation can inhibit ovulation, temporarily stop menstruation, and have a certain contraceptive effect, but pregnancy is a rather complex process. Doctors suggest that we should do well in contraceptive measures in the same room during lactation. For new mothers who are exclusively breastfed, if they feed their children and have amenorrhea day and night, the contraceptive effect within six months can reach more than 95%. In fact,

are not reliable for lactation and contraception. But for only a few breastfeeding, or menstruation has returned to tide, the contraceptive effect is not reliable. There are even reports that some new mums can be pregnant within five weeks after delivery. Therefore, contraceptive measures should be taken in the sexual life of new mummy during lactation.

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