How to use condom correctly when having sex

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Guide reading:Condom is a contraceptive method that people often use when they have sex. It can effectively prevent unwanted pregnancy and avoid cross infection during sexual intercourse. But the premise is to use it correctly. The seemingly simple condom has many door

condoms are the contraceptive methods that people often use when they have sex. They can effectively prevent unwanted pregnancy and cross infection during sexual intercourse. But the premise is to use it correctly. The seemingly simple condom has many doorways. If you don't know these, you will not get the contraceptive effect, but will affect your sexual feelings. How to use the condom in the end?

learn the contraceptive

before making love. A passionate and selfless sex can not be separated from the intimate protection of condoms. According to a new survey released by the World Health Organization, there are 26-55 million abortions every year in the world, and hundreds of millions of people are infected with some kind of sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, these problems can be avoided as long as condoms are used correctly during sex.

do not expand the condom before use

expand the condom before use. The vast majority of condoms are ring-shaped, when using the condom in the erection of the penis and then slowly expand. But some people will use the condom with their hands first, which will make it appear redundant wrinkles, difficult to wear and easy to slide.

should also pay attention to the timing of wearing

too late or too early. Nearly half of the people think it's safe for the penis not to enter the vagina. They will first contact with their partner's sexual organs, and then use condoms when they have substantive sex or even want to ejaculate, which is very dangerous. Others put on condoms early but don't have sex, which makes the condom dry and hard to get into the vagina. The best time is after both sides caress, excitement level increases, start to have sexual organ contact before wearing good.

remove the air inside the condom and

do not empty the air in the front of the condom. The seminal vesicle at the top of the condom will retain air. If it is not emptied before wearing the condom, it will easily lead to rupture of the condom, and may also lead to insufficient space of the seminal vesicle. The right way is to extend the condom before gently pinching with your fingers, remove the air inside.

choose their own models

condoms are too tight or too large. There are also models of condoms, too small or too large condoms, not only affect sexual pleasure, but also may affect erectile function, rupture or fall off. It is recommended to simply measure before purchase, and then adjust the model according to the feeling.

distinguish the front and back of condom

use the wrong front and back. It's easy for people to ignore the positive and negative in passionate moments, which results in discomfort of the wearer and easy to slide down during sex. Some condoms have signs to distinguish between positive and negative, as long as a little attention can be avoided.

use thick condom to last longer. The thinner the

, the longer the time. Ultra thin, floating-point, fragrance and other functional condoms are more and more popular. In fact, for those who ejaculate faster, older men, should use a thicker condom, conducive to control ejaculation, extend sexual life. Don't be too superstitious about the stimulation function of floating-point. Fragrance may also cause allergy.

do not let the condom break accidentally

tear the condom package with teeth. Some people will use their teeth to tear open the condom package, which is full of provocation, but it is easy to lead to emulsion cracking and cracks. In addition, avoid using nails or other sharp tools to open the condom package.

choose the right lubricant

and use the wrong lubricant. Condom with lubricants will be more comfortable to use, but the use of oil-based lubricants will make latex degradation, reduce the strength of condoms. You can choose a condom with lubrication effect or use water-soluble lubricant. The editors of

have made a detailed explanation on how to use condoms correctly, hoping that parents can use condoms more scientifically, so that they can be more relaxed when having sex and fight without fear. Durex's apple fruit condom is a good choice. It adds fruit fragrance to make your sex sweeter

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