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Guide reading:When buying a condom, have you ever tangled about the size of the condom? I'm sure most of my friends in the right size won't have this problem. However, this blog post by social psychologist ray Miller will tell you that for some people, being

buy a condom, have you ever tangled about the size of the condom? I'm sure most friends with moderate size will not have this problem. However, this blog post by social psychologist ray Miller will tell you that for some people, being full of one size fits all can bring risks to sexual behavior.

if you have ever been to the scene of distributing free condoms, you will find that although there are several different choices in the product catalog of condoms, do different sites distribute different sizes of condoms? Most of them do not. In such activities, the difference between condoms is usually the additional fresh features of condoms rather than the size (such as color, taste, packaging, pattern, etc.). This "one size fits all" approach to condoms has become increasingly recognized as a factor in potentially damaging safe sex, as men are less willing to use condoms if they are not appropriate. As evidence for this, let's look at a study published in the journal Archives of sexual behavior.

in this study, the researchers recruited 463 gay and bisexual men in New York through a series of community activities [2]. Everyone completed a written privacy survey, answering questions about the length and circumference of their penises, as well as their experience and appropriateness of condom use, as well as their habits of condom use and whether they have experienced condom rupture during sexual intercourse. The results of

showed that more than half of the people (51.4%) reported that their penises were between 15-20cm in length and 10-15cm in circumference. On the question of condom fit, 71.7% of men reported that the length of the average size condom was "just right", 61.3% of men felt that the circumference of the condom was right. However, there are still a large number of "minorities" left behind. These men feel that condoms are not compatible with themselves. Compared with most men's reports above, the typical complaint of these few men is that condoms are too short and / or too tight. As a result, nearly one-third of men (31.7%) have experienced condom breaking, and nearly half (42.2%) have reported condom slipping in the past three months. The researchers also found that men with longer penises were more likely to have a condom rupture. Another finding was that participants with larger penises and those who felt the average size condom was too tight had more recent unprotected anal sex. The research results of

tell us that condoms may not be a "one size fits all" device. Compared with estimates, it is difficult for more men to find suitable condoms. In addition, research results show that inappropriate condoms can lead to high-risk sexual behavior, because those who are unable to find the right condoms are the most likely to have unprotected sex.

of course, these data are still limited at present, and can not be extended to all people, or even to all gay and bisexual men. However, the researchers still believe that the distribution of more sizes of condoms can more effectively promote safe sex (image source: CFP)

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