What is the correct sleeping position of a baby in the month? A diagram of the best sleeping positio

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Guide reading:Baby's sleeping posture is very diverse. Some babies like to sleep on their stomach, some like to sleep on their side, and many babies have strange sleeping posture. What's the correct sleeping posture of a baby in a month, the best sleeping pos

Baby's sleeping posture is very diverse.

Some babies like to sleep on their stomach, some like to sleep on their side, and many babies have strange sleeping posture.

Then what's the correct sleeping posture of the baby in the month, the best sleeping posture diagram of the newborn, and more related content of newborn care are in the mother's care network What is the correct sleeping position of baby Baby's sleeping posture is strange, some like sleeping on the back, some like sleeping on the side, some prefer sleeping on the stomach.

Each posture has its own characteristics.

The first principle to choose which sleeping posture is the baby's safety and comfort 1.

Advantages of sleeping on your back: lying on your baby's back is good for your baby's muscle relaxation and free movement of hands and feet.

It is also convenient for your family to observe the baby's expression changes directly and clearly.

If the baby spits milk, it can also be found and dealt with in time Disadvantages: long term sleep on your back, if you can't help your baby adjust the head position in time, it may affect your baby's head shape, resulting in head deflection.

For babies who are prone to vomiting or vomiting, when lying on their back, the reflux food may choke into the trachea and lungs, which has certain security risks Generally, the newborn who has just finished feeding should not immediately use the supine position, because it is easy to cause the baby to spit out milk, so that the milk flows into the middle ear along the cheek and induce otitis media.

The right way is: after feeding, first hold the baby, let him stand on your shoulder, and pat him on the back, until the baby belch, and then let him sleep on his side 2.

Advantages of lying on the stomach: when the baby lies on the stomach, vomitus will flow out along the corner of the mouth even if he is vomiting.

Generally, he will not breathe into the trachea to cause room breathing, and the back of the head spoon will not be oppressed.

It is easy to sleep out of the standard head shape.

If the baby has colic, lying on the stomach can give some pressure and relieve the discomfort.

It should be noted that sleeping on the stomach does not oppress the heart and lungs.

It is actually the same pressure on the internal organs as sleeping on the back Disadvantages: when the baby sleeps on the stomach, it is inconvenient to swallow saliva, which is easy to cause saliva outflow.

The mouth and nose are easily blocked by pillows, towels, bedding, etc.

, which may cause suffocation.

If the hands and feet are compressed when sleeping on the stomach, it may cause poor blood circulation 3.

Advantages of side sleep: first, side sleep can reduce the retention of throat secretion and make the respiratory tract more unobstructed.

Secondly, when the baby sleeps sideways, especially towards the right side, the food can smoothly enter the intestine from the stomach, which is conducive to digestion.

If vomiting occurs, vomitus will also flow out of the corner of the mouth and will not cause room breathing Disadvantages: if lying on one side for a long time, it is easy to affect the baby's head shape and face shape.

Therefore, if the baby likes to sleep on his side, he should often help him change his direction.

This time, he will lie on the right side, and next time, he will lie on the left side What is the relationship between baby sleeping posture and head shape?.

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