Can a baby bathe before the full moon

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Guide reading:In fact, when the new-born babies are not full moon, their bodies are very soft at this time, and they are not easy to hold up. Whether it's bathing or general home care, for the inexperienced novice parents, they are in various situations, busy and

is a big challenge for many new mothers to care for their newborn babies! Many mothers are asking whether the new baby can take a bath before the full moon. They are parents for the first time. They don't have any experience of taking a baby. Not only do they take a bath for the new baby, but they even make a mess of the general home care for their parents!

in fact, the newborn babies are not full moon, their bodies are very soft at this time, not easy to hold up, whether it is bathing or general home care, for the inexperienced novice parents, all kinds of conditions, hands busy feet disorderly, chaotic situation appears! So, can a baby under the full moon take a bath? What should newborn babies pay attention to when bathing? This article will take you to have a good understanding, I don't know the novice parents must see Oh! Can

infants under the full moon take a bath?

for infants under the full moon, the answer is yes. Generally, the newborn baby can take a bath after birth, but it is necessary to choose the appropriate way of bathing and nursing.

generally speaking, the umbilical cord has not fallen within 1-2 weeks after the birth of the baby. At this time, it is recommended that parents use the way of bathing for the baby, and then choose the bath after the baby's umbilical cord grows well! In general, the doctor is recommended to give the baby under the full moon bath with the best bath!

are better if they are cleaned every other day in spring and autumn. We must ensure the indoor temperature. If the temperature is not enough, we should increase the surrounding temperature!

generally, the method for babies under the full moon to take a bath is to cover the baby with a large square towel to expose the parts that need to be wiped. First, wipe the baby's face with a wet towel, then dip the towel with soapy water to continue to clean the baby's body parts, and finally clean the diaper area, that is, the baby's butt.

suggest that parents should always use non irritating baby soap when bathing the baby under the full moon. After washing, they should dry the baby's body water. In summer and autumn, they should apply a little powder and talcum powder to the place where the baby's skin is wrinkled. Especially the baby's fart. When changing diapers, you should use a warm towel to clean the baby's fart. The baby with red fart can use some plant essential oil to smear it.

are the precautions for newborn babies to take a bath.

1. The water temperature is about 39-41 degrees. It's best to put cold water first and then hot water to slowly adjust the temperature, not hot;

2. Prepare towels and bath towels, one bath and one package for babies;

3. Baby soap and soap for babies;

4. Water A thermometer to check the baby's temperature;

5. Prepare the baby's clothes, diapers, 75% alcohol and disinfected cotton swabs.

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