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Guide reading:After winter, are you struggling with how to match the coat and the inside? In fact, an inner match with the same color as the coat can save you. This warm and high-end same color shape is a fashionable tool for you to deal with various occasions. Let

who wear what

stars are all wearing

. In "I am an actor", Han Xue, who has amazing acting skills, appears at the airport in the same color look. This whole set of modeling is gentle and fashionable. Although it's skirt, it doesn't hinder the warmth. It's worth seeing that this set of airport look of

supermodel cuckoo is the most classic black body. The simple and neat style is also particularly suitable for the dressing and matching of handsome girls at ordinary times, and it's not easy to make mistakes.

Sun Yi's look in the same color is full of girl's heart. This modeling detail is even a color system for sunglasses and bags, which is really attractive.

and the other one who loves to look at the same color is Bella. This young lady not only loves to wear the same color, but also prefers to use transparent sunglasses as the ornament of the whole shape, which is fashionable and up.

are so many homochromatic systems, but how to wear them best? In fact, different heights have different wearing methods and suitable colors. Hurry to see how you fit? Lucky star of

150 : the matching of overcoat with one-piece dress

overcoat with one-piece dress and one-piece dress with one-piece dress is just a sharp weapon for small girls.

with the help of high-heeled shoes, the body proportion will be more slender, and it is also very powerful. Who says that a little man can't wear the sense of vision of one meter seven? The key is to master skills. Girls who don't want to wear high-heeled shoes can also lean on the leisure style, but they must properly expose their calf skin, so that they can have a very good visual enhancement effect.

160 in the same color look, the set wear out the model feeling

160 girls already have a very popular height, the most important is how to use the model decoration proportion to wear out the model's sense of both seeing. Because 160 girls can already show their leg proportion, and the same color look can have the effect of lengthening the proportion visually.

in addition to overcoats, in fact, suits can also be considered, which is a very leg length height match, and the casual suits of the same color series are full of eye-catching.

should pay attention to that do not touch the profile tooling, otherwise it will be too strong to save the color! In fact, as long as we master a rule that "everything starts from the proportion", we can combine the functions of homochromatic system well and wear the best homochromatic look.

170 in the same color look, wearing the most important advanced sense of

into this height range girl, Congratulations, you can basically control most of the clothes. However, it should be noted that a higher height may not play an advantage because it cannot be worn. If you want to wear a high-level feeling, you can wear the same color with long wide leg pants.

wide leg pants are difficult to control, but the girls in this height range will look good. When choosing the wide leg pants of the same color as the top, try not to choose the leather style, and choose some straight tube pants or pants with drape texture.

and big cousin Liu Wen, the classic look in the same color of Chanel show, are also very valuable for reference. Girls can match their existing thick sweaters with wide legged trousers of the same color, which is very fashionable.

are you getting the same color method that looks good and wears really well? Hurry up and get ready for the fashionable winter ~

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