How about bein Meitian sleeping rice noodles? Let's get to know the parents of Tian sleeping se

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Guide reading:Rice flour is a good partner for children to grow up. At 6 months, children need to add supplementary food. The first step for children to add supplementary food is rice flour. At present, there are many kinds of wood flour on the market, so do you know h

rice flour is a good partner for children's growth. At six months, children need to add complementary food, and the first step for children to add complementary food is rice flour. At present, there are many kinds of wood flour on the market, so do you know how about bainmeitian sleeping rice flour? The brand of

beiinmei is believed to be familiar to mothers. Beiinmei can be seen in supermarkets and advertisements. Beinmei is a local brand in China. Although many mothers like to buy imported products, beinmei is still in a standing position with the strong participation of foreign rice flour.

there have been a lot of bad news about baby products in our country, but in these bad news, we haven't seen the name of bainmei. So that's why bainmei has been standing for so many years. How about


1. There are many kinds of beinmei's rice noodles, among which

are one.

2. This sleeping rice flour is made in China. First, this rice flour contains concentrated whey protein powder and 35% imported milk powder, so it belongs to milk rice flour.

3. There are many series of this sleeping rice flour. Different tastes and natural ages of the series are different.

4. However, this sleeping series of rice flour contains fortified calcium, iron and zinc, 20 nutrients, and dietary fiber. So this rice flour is absolutely nutritious. The characteristics of

5 and tiansleepy rice flour series products are that they have strong milk fragrance and pure taste, and are suitable for babies who are in love with milk and are just beginning to add complementary food.

6. At the same time, this rice flour can also be added with fruit puree, meat puree, vegetable puree, etc., which will not affect the original material of rice flour.

7 and beiinmei's rice flour are all made of green rice. They are strictly in accordance with the national green food requirements from all aspects of rice planting, processing and storage.

absolutely strengthen the inspection and supervision of products and environment, and ensure the safety, nutrition and health of quality. All beiinmei's sleeping rice noodles are absolutely the rice noodles trusted by mothers all over the world.

8. Beiinmei's sleeping rice flour series is divided into: sleeping banana grain milk rice flour, 225 grams in total, with the price of about 30. There is also a sleeping Apple cereal milk rice noodles, the price is the same as bananas. The last is the sleeping milk rice flour series. The price of this series is about 35 yuan.

beiinmei's sleeping rice flour is a new product. For children who like milk rice flour, parents may as well buy it. By the way, this kind of milk rice noodles is unique in that it adds a variety of natural sleeping materials. It is a kind of rice noodles specially designed to improve the sleep of Chinese babies, with outstanding taste. It is the first kind of sleeping rice noodles at present.

babies grow well only when they sleep well. I believe that parents all know this truth. As a supplementary food for babies, this kind of sleeping rice flour can make children feel better and smarter, which is worth their mothers' rest assured.

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