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Guide reading:As a kind of newspaper copying by hand is similar to blackboard newspaper, the difference is only blackboard and white paper, chalk and pen. It's always a problem for children and parents to remember the revolutionary martyrs by hand. This article wi

does homework. There is a popular saying on the Internet that sums up the current situation of primary school families: "if you don't do homework, you will be kind and filial. If you do homework, you will be a good dog.". In grade one or two, homework is nothing more than mathematics and Chinese, but with the growth of age, children need to do some manual homework, one of which is to copy newspaper by hand.

are similar to blackboard newspaper, but the difference is only blackboard and white paper, chalk and pen. Remembering the revolutionary martyrs by hand has always been a problem for children and parents. This paper will popularize some contents of remembering the revolutionary martyrs by hand.

in memory of the contents of the manuscript

1. Some revolutionary martyrs have sacrificed their precious lives for national independence and national dignity, some have gone on and on in order to bury the old world completely and build a new socialist China, fought bravely, shed their heads and blood Let's remember them together and keep going along their unfinished road.

2. Revolutionary martyrs, you died for the benefit of the people. Your death is more important than Mount Tai. You are with Mount Qingshan. You are with the earth forever. You are always a monument in our hearts. Time is passing and the times are advancing. However, the spirit of the revolutionary martyrs is immortal.

3. Recalling the past, I see you put your own life and death out of the world and shed your blood. For the sake of our country and people, we are willing to give our precious lives. Sacrifice yourself as a person, see death as a return, go through fire and water, and never give up until death.

4. The dignity and honor of a country should be maintained by ourselves. The spirit of the martyrs depends on us to inherit and carry forward. The future of the country is in our own hands. From now on, from our own, we should take the initiative to bear the responsibility of the motherland to the society, display our youth and forge ahead.

5. History will not forget you that the flying five-star red flag is soaked with your blood. The towering monument to victory is built with your head. Based on today and looking into the future, let's learn from the patriotism and heroism of the revolutionary martyrs together. On the road of life, we will overcome many difficulties and obstacles, march towards a bright future.

the meaning of remembering the martyrs on the National Day

some people say that we Han nationality are easy to forget our roots, forget the pain after the scars, now the comfortable life has made people forget the hardship of eight years of Anti Japanese War, the stability and harmony of society makes it difficult for people to think of the revolutionary predecessors who gave their lives in order to eliminate the turbulence. Have you forgotten? The forgiveness of Japan is the embodiment of the tolerance of our Chinese nation. However, in the face of the problem of principle, we will never give in. Japan's invasion of China is a fact. It is unacceptable for the Chinese people to have their leaders publicly visit the Yasukuni Shrine.

are not the only activities to commemorate the revolutionary ancestors, but also the national day. It is of great practical significance to remember the soldiers who died bravely for the liberation of the motherland and the peace of the people and to pay homage to their great achievements, so as to carry forward the spirit of patriotism, strengthen the education of patriotism and guide the people to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. The five-star red flag of

is imbued with the blood of the revolutionary ancestors. We will not forget that the towering victory monument is built with your heads. Based on today and looking into the future, let's remember the patriotism and heroism of the revolutionary martyrs, overcome many difficulties and obstacles on the road of life, march towards the bright future.

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