How long does pregnancy begin? The fourth month of pregnancy begins

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Guide reading:Fetal education can stimulate the fetal sense organs through benign signals and lay a foundation for early education. So, how long does pregnancy begin?

fetal education can stimulate the fetal sense organs through benign signals (including sound signals, stroking signals, etc.), which helps to improve the development of fetal functions and lay a solid foundation for early education of children. The process of

fetal education should be based on the characteristics of fetal physiological development. Generally from the 4th month of pregnancy, prenatal education can be started.

how to carry out prenatal education during pregnancy

1. The effect of music prenatal education is obvious.

foetuses tend to move more frequently after hearing music, so it's a good way to teach babies by listening to fetal education music, but when listening to music for babies, we should pay attention to the appropriate volume of music first, not too large Second, if you use electronic products such as mobile phones to play prenatal music for your baby, it's better not to stick the electronic products close to your belly, because the electronic products will produce radiation.

2. Fetal education should not last too long.

fetus sleep and rest most of the time when it is in the mother's body. If the time of fetal education is too long, it may affect the rest of the baby, so the duration of each fetal education should not be too long. If it is found during fetal education, the baby's rest should not be too long It's been a long time since there's no response. Maybe the baby has fallen asleep. At this time, prenatal education will stop.

3. Let the baby feel the voice

from Bao's father. It's better to let Bao's father participate in fetal education. For example, you can let baopa tell a story to your baby, and your baby will feel more secure if he can feel the voice from baopa.

what are the advantages of prenatal education during pregnancy?

(1) infants who have received prenatal education are sensitive to music and have musical talent. As soon as the baby hears the music, he will be very happy and move with the rhythm and rhythm. (2) infants with prenatal education learn to pronounce early. Infants with prenatal education can produce several vowels at 2 months, consonants at 4 months, and sounds at 5-6 months can express certain meanings.

(3) the mental and behavioral health of infants with prenatal education. These babies are generally stable, always happy, very lively and lovely, rarely crying at night. Mom and dad will think that the baby is easy to take. When they are with the baby who laughs all day long, their family will find that they have infinite fun.

(4) the development of fine motor ability of the hands of infants with prenatal education is good. The ability of grasping, holding, holding, taking, clapping, beating, shaking, hitting, pinching, clasping, wearing and covering is strong.

(5) infants with prenatal education developed very well in motor ability. They look up, turn over, sit, climb, stand and walk earlier, and they are agile and coordinated.

(6) babies with prenatal education do not cry. Babies with prenatal education cry when they are hungry, wet or out of time, but they stop when they are satisfied. In addition, infants with prenatal education have strong sensing ability, so they will stop crying when they hear their mother's footsteps and voice. Finally, the infant who has received prenatal education is easy to form a normal law of life, such as playing prenatal music or humming hypnotic music before going to bed, so that the infant can fall asleep quickly. After the full moon, it basically forms the habit of waking up in the daytime and sleeping at night.

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