Environmental fetal education, which you don't know!

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Guide reading:To do a good job in environmental prenatal education, we should start from two aspects, one is the internal environment, the other is the external environment. Let's take a look.

when talking about the environment, you will first think of your home environment, work environment and other environments that you often encounter in life, and then you will think of the environment of nature.

do not know that when a woman is pregnant, there is also an environment closely related to pregnant women, and derived a corresponding fetal education, that is, environmental fetal education.

want to know how much influence the environment has on fetal education? It can be seen from a few common examples: when you are not awake in the morning, there are construction workers nearby knocking and making a loud noise, and you will definitely be grumpy if you are pregnant at this time; when you are ready to go to sleep at night, the KTV sound near your home is loud, with a strong sense of rhythm, and it is difficult for you to sleep at this time The existence of

and other bad environment will have a bad impact on the baby in the belly, which shows the importance of good environment in fetal education. Generally speaking,

environmental prenatal education is mainly from the first to the fourth month after pregnancy.

at this time, all organs, important digestive system and nervous system of the baby's body are in the initial stage of production.

at this time, if there is a better environment, the development of the baby's organs, nervous system and circulatory system will be better, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of abnormal children.

in addition, when the pregnant women are in a better environment for a long time, the mood of the pregnant women will be relatively comfortable and happy, and this feeling will also be passed to the baby in the womb, and the baby will become more happy and relaxed, and the baby will grow up happily.

but if you think it's environmental prenatal education to stay away from those noisy voices, you're mistaken.

in terms of the internal environment

1. To improve the knowledge of pregnant women

pregnant women read some knowledge related to pregnancy and childbirth before and after pregnancy is conducive to the pregnant women to make adequate preparation for the healthy growth of the baby, and also can effectively avoid some unnecessary troubles.

at the same time, in addition to pregnancy and childbirth related knowledge books, pregnant women can also read more art books, music books, etc., which can effectively improve the self-cultivation of pregnant women, especially conducive to the common progress of babies and mothers.

2. Ensure adequate nutrition

. When pregnant women are pregnant, they need more balanced diet, so as to provide continuous nutrition for the healthy growth of the baby and create a good internal nutrition environment for the baby.

3. Keep a good mood state

. When pregnant women have a big mood fluctuation, the baby in the womb is also sensitive. So in order to have a big emotional change, pregnant women should keep a good emotional state, so as not to affect the baby because of the mother. After all,

are in an unstable emotional state, the body's various functional responses will also change too frequently, which is very easy to have miscarriage, deformed children and other situations.

external environment

1. To create a comfortable and warm family environment

pregnant women can arrange some pictures of their babies in the room after pregnancy, or hang some calligraphy and painting works full of warm feelings.

can not only give pregnant women warm feeling, but also let pregnant women keep a happy mood when they see these things.

2. To ensure sufficient sunshine and smooth air,

a good home environment should ensure smooth sunshine and air, so as to ensure adequate calcium absorption of pregnant women, and also be more conducive to the health of pregnant women, so as to avoid diseases due to too humid home environment.

3. To create a good family atmosphere

in addition to the preparation of those things, a good family atmosphere is also very important for the health of pregnant women and the healthy growth of their babies.

want pregnant women to be in a family atmosphere of quarrel and depression for a long time, and how can they bring happy feelings to their babies?

so if the family atmosphere cannot be changed, pregnant women can try to contact more with the natural environment, and also be in a good mood.

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