What is the language prenatal education during pregnancy?

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Guide reading:Language prenatal education refers to the purposeful conversation between pregnant women or their families and their babies in the belly in the form of language, so as to stimulate their babies' language and lay a foundation for their language learni

, 99 health net has introduced several methods of fetal education, such as touching fetal education, sports fetal education and emotional fetal education, each of which has its own unique value.

today, Xiaobian is going to talk to you about language prenatal education!

are well-known. The so-called prenatal education is to provide a better internal and external environment for the baby through the perception of the mother, with a more pleasant emotional state. At the same time, it can also give the baby certain stimulation and promote the development of the baby.

and language prenatal education is one of many methods.

are actually very magical. According to the research, fetal language education plays an important role in the development of children's acquired intelligence and language ability, and it can also provide a large amount of knowledge for children.

generally speaking, when the pregnant women are 12-16 weeks pregnant, the baby will start to "interact" with the mother, at this time, the baby's hearing and vision are slowly developing.

at this time, the mother can communicate with the baby through language, for example, when it's windy or rainy, the mother can talk to the baby.

because at this time, it is an important way for babies in the womb to initially understand the world through listening, but mothers need to understand the changes of baby's listening in different pregnancy to better carry out language prenatal education.

when the baby is two months old, the baby's hearing organ begins to develop slowly.

when the baby is six months old, the baby can start to hear some sounds, and will make some reactions to them, such as blinking, yawning, twisting and so on.

when the baby is seven months old, the brain nerves of the baby begin to develop further. At this time, the relationship between brain nerves and hearing is more closely. The sound "heard" by hearing will be transmitted to the brain through nerves and stored up.

maybe some pregnant women will think that the baby is in the mother's womb, there is amniotic fluid in the womb, there is uterus outside amniotic fluid, there are organs such as skin outside the womb, how can the baby hear the sound?

in fact, pregnant women should not worry that their babies cannot hear. Because amniotic fluid is actually a medium to transmit sound, and the so-called skin, uterus and other organs will not hinder the baby to hear the sound.

because with the development of the baby, the pregnant woman's uterus and abdominal wall are not as thick as before, but thinner, so the baby can hear the outside voice. The so-called

of language prenatal education also have certain methods, such as recitation and dialogue.

recitation method, as the name implies, is to stimulate the baby by reciting some poems.

can be accompanied by some soothing music at this time, and then recite emotionally. But don't be greedy to save time, and use the music player directly to let the baby listen.

are because at this time, although the baby's hearing starts to develop, it is not perfect. The music played by the music player is difficult to control the volume and audio, and close to the belly, which will cause great damage to the baby.

so if we want to carry out recitation fetal education, it's better to let our mother speak English. Compared with recitation method,

are easier to talk about fetal education.

only need pregnant women and their husbands to have some communication, which can be about the beauty of the outside world, can be emotional communication between each other, etc., which will bring stimulation to the baby.

in fact, the most important part of language fetal teaching is that pregnant women should communicate with their babies in a happy and happy state to achieve better results.

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