How to operate language prenatal education? What are the precautions?

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Guide reading:Although it seems easy to use the language teaching method, how to operate it? Are there any precautions during operation? It's a little difficult for a new mother or father.
Compared with other methods of fetal education,


are easy to operate. It can help with some books, but also can not use other objects and language prenatal education, very convenient, the effect is good.


currently have two methods about fetal language teaching, one is recitation fetal teaching, the other is dialogue fetal teaching. These two methods have been introduced in detail in the previous article.

pregnant women in need can go to 799 health net to check "what is language prenatal education in pregnancy?" In this article, we can understand the methods of language prenatal education.

will be compiled by Xiaobian today to open the mystery of language fetal teaching for you!

1. Language prenatal education is not limited to mother's voice

. In language prenatal education, father's voice also plays an important role. Compared with the mother's voice, the father's voice is a deep and thick voice, which can arouse the baby's interest in the father's voice.

pregnant women can touch their stomachs and check carefully whether their babies have different reactions when they hear their babies' voices.

at this time, it can also be a communication between the father and the baby. For example, say to the baby, "baby, I am your father, and Dad loves you!" Such happy language will bring happy feelings to the baby.

and according to the research findings, under the father's language prenatal education, not only can strengthen the emotional communication between the baby and his mother, but also is more conducive to the emotional development of the baby in the future.



2. When giving birth language education to the baby,

mainly focus on simple and easy dialogue, it's better for parents to exchange some more common and understandable dialogue content, of course, it can also tell stories, sing nursery rhymes, recite ancient poems and so on.

are generally characterized by soft language and slow tone, and should not be too noisy or too high audio.

3. Repetitive content communication

refers to making babies get used to some daily expressions and conducting inductive language training.

can say good morning to your baby every morning, good morning to your baby every night when you go to bed, when you wash your face, when you go to the park, when you go to the mall, and so on.

can not only let the baby start to perceive the world he is about to face through language, but also strengthen the baby's memory in repetition.



4. The time of language prenatal education should not be too long.

language prenatal education should generally take one to three minutes. If the time is too long, the baby can not remember the content well.

and one to three minutes, this time is not only suitable for the communication between each other, but also for the baby to understand the content of the conversation.


5, language prenatal education to maintain peace of mind and


language prenatal education requires that the main object of language prenatal education to maintain a peaceful mood, focus, so as to better sense the baby's response, but also let the baby listen with a kind of open mind.


6. The reading materials of language prenatal education are widely selected, including newspapers, comics, poems, nursery rhymes and so on. Pregnant women can widely choose various types of reading materials, and must not only choose a single reading material, which will make the baby feel boring.


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