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Guide reading:Rapid pregnancy network (www.rapidpregnancy.com) aims at women of childbearing age and their families as the main communication objects, through the systematic and comprehensive provision of the most detailed, thoughtful and personalized information and s

Rapid pregnancy network (www.rapidpregnancy.com) aims at women of childbearing age and their families as the main communication objects, through the systematic and comprehensive provision of the most detailed, thoughtful and personalized information and services such as pregnancy and postpartum care, it has targeted a large number of loyal users; based on itself, adhering to the purpose of "professional, attentive and dedicated", it actively spreads the concept of "happy, growing and sharing".

Channel introduction

Pregnancy preparation

Pregnancy preparation channel provides pregnant mothers with pregnancy preparation precautions, pregnancy preparation plan and health care knowledge for the elderly. It tells you what you can't eat during pregnancy preparation, what you can eat for pregnancy preparation, etc., so as to make adequate preparations for the successful pregnancy of a healthy baby.

Early pregnancy

In the early stage of pregnancy, we are committed to building the social network of mutual help and sharing for the first couple of childbearing age in China. Users can record growth, share incubation experience and solve incubation problems here. At the same time, "multi-channel" provides users with accurate push of information, so that users can actively, quickly, easily and happily enjoy the services provided in the early stage of pregnancy. We firmly believe that couples of childbearing age can harvest happiness, precipitate happiness, record love and show love in the early stage of pregnancy, the happiest family.



In the middle of pregnancy channel, parents to be the main target of communication, from the aspects of diet, health care, disease, etc., to provide the most vivid and practical knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth, and strive to create a daily pregnancy treasure for the audience. The most comprehensive and professional information can be found on the mid pregnancy channel.



The antenatal and postpartum channel takes antenatal pregnant women and postpartum new mothers' health as the main object, providing a large number of professional, novel and intimate health information. The channel is divided into delivery mode, delivery preparation, delivery time, premature delivery, postpartum recovery, postpartum disease, postpartum knowledge, providing wonderful online activities and hot topics, dedicated to providing users with the most detailed and thoughtful information and services, such as prenatal pregnant women, postpartum new mothers, child feeding, nursing, disease, etc.

Maternity supplies

The maternity products channel is a guide for parents to purchase milk powder, nutrition, complementary food, cleaning and care products, maternity clothes and pants and other maternity products. Through the in-depth analysis and professional evaluation of the quality, purchase and use of various maternity products, people's consumption quality is improved, so that new mothers can use them more safely, and parents can rest assured.



The parenting channel is dedicated to serving novice parents and providing stage by stage parenting knowledge according to the growth of babies. The channel is divided into four columns: newborn, 0-1 year old, 1-3 year old and 3-6 year old, covering infant feeding, nursing, health and other related information, so as to enrich your childcare life.



The life channel advocates the family life concept of loving, understanding and meeting life, and provides you with new fashion, parent-child travel, film, food, fashion home and other trend family life information and lifestyle, so as to help you enjoy a good family time.

Early education

The early education channel gathers practical early education knowledge, early education skills, as well as classic and interesting picture book resources at home and abroad, to provide you with diversified early education information and services of 0-6 years old. As a platform for early education communication and resource sharing, early education channel is a good helper for parents to cultivate smart and happy babies.



Nutrition channel is your essential Diet Manual, providing professional and diversified nutrition guidance and recipes for pregnant women, pregnant women and children. To provide mothers with nutrition, healthy baby complementary food, baby nutrition diet guidance and recipes. Happy every day, starting with eating.

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